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New to Affilorama Affiliate Training

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New to Affilorama Affiliate Training

But as I'm a kiwi, Mark I thought who else better to learn from than another Kiwi. and hi kiwiboy. I'm in Napier NZ so any Hawke's Bay like minded people out there would love to hear from you. I too have been trying for a while now to learn Internet marketing as stuck at home with bad back, so thought great way to make a living. But get stuck on technical jargon too. so going to go over and over all there is to learn here.
Thanks for making this all possible Mark
cheers :)
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Hi there :-)

Welcome to Affilorama!
Happy to have another kiwi on board :-) Seems to be quite a few.

If you have any questions at all, give us a shout!

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Hi Deb,
It encouraging to see other kiwis around,
I am on the Kapiti Coast...
best of luck with your ventures

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