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New member just saying hi

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New member just saying hi

Hi Everyone
My name is Diane Corriette and I am a wanna be super affiliate blogger! :) or would that be a blogging super affiliate?

My aim is to merge blogging and affiliate marketing to bring in the majority of my income. As I plan to be in the Caribbean summer 2010 and rely 100% on the internet for my income I have decided to learn about affiliate marketing to see what I am missing.

I have been online since October 2005. Make a decent living working freelance and through blogging. Now I want to ramp up my affiliate income big time. I am not generating the 10-20k a month figures yet and hope I can figure out why. I think it has to do with needing more link building - not sure.

Anyway as I believe in learning I am here! I am Membership Manager of Blog Success. An awesome place to be if you wanna be a blogger and I intend to use my new found affiliate marketing knowledge to fill the membership site.

I have the best job because I spend time chatting with the members making sure they get a fast return on their investment and I love it.

I live in England, am a single mother of 3 and have trained as a life coach/master practitioner or NLP. I work as a Personal Growth Coach offline supporting women in discovering their greatness and I blog about that too. I focus on mindset and am writing "The Mindset of a Blogger" - haven't decided whether to sell it or fill it with affiliate links and give it away free yet. Will see :)

So that's me. Looking forward to learning.

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Hey Diane,

You might want to take a peek at the private AffiloBlueprint members' forum and introduce yourself in there too :)

Go back to the main screen of the forum, and look at the top!
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Hey guys....I want to say "hello" I just started the "adventure" yesterday...less than 24 hours!

I can see this is going to be......Interesting to say the least.

I do have a question...I know I'm a little slow but I didn't think I was this slow?? How do I get back to day 2 area? I finished day 1 logged out and when I logged back in I can't find the area where all the days for training are?? I know there are 12 days of training somewhere....but I can't find them?
Any help at this point would be a "good thing"

Thanks guys..
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Hi everyone, just wanted to say hi from Justine Olausen, I have never done anything at all like this, I am actually a nail technician by trade and over it, I have two young children and my partner is a full time butcher. We dont get to spend alot of time together, I have been studying the internet for about six months actually researching dropshipping and ebay etc.
We live on a small island called Norfolk Island, very expensive here, you learn to go without.
My mission is too do this course from start to end and learn and study as much as I can so I can succeed at affiliate marketing ... my wish is to live a more comfortable lifestyle and spend heaps more time with my children and partner.

I would love to hear from other newbies, speak soon
regards from a very excited butterfly
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