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New Kid on the (Affiliate) Block

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New Kid on the (Affiliate) Block

Hello everyone!!

My name is Russell and I just joined this site Christmas Day. I live in the US and have spent a lot of time looking for a way to raise money to find a few dreams of mine. I never figured I'd actually ever be in a position to even think I could make enough money to do those things AND quit my J.O.B.

Right now, I work for a major bottling company as a merchandiser/stock guy and the stress of this day to day (literally... I work 7 days a week, 4 hours a day on average) job is starting to take its toll on my. We go on sale with our products and people swarm in like locusts and buy anything not nailed down. You wouldn't expect that for a Midwestern city like Sioux Falls, SD. But, there it is. Just loads of people and I'm such an anal person, I want my aisle to be full and presentable before I go. They dismantle that aisle in no time flat.

So, I set up these videos on YouTube -
One of which is one asking people to send me $1 to help raise funding to buy (1) a new Mac Pro, (2) a new Sony EX1r HD camcorder (for the film making projects I've been working on), and (3) enough money to be able to get my teeth fixed. I need a lot of work done but can't afford to do it in the States so I can get about $10,000 -12,000 for work to be done in Tijuana, MX.

So far, I've gotten one... stinkin'... dollar. That's it. And it's in my Paypal account but I need to open a checking account of my own as I share one with my wife and she already is using the acct. on her own Paypal. I felt so desperate. So, I went online and looked up ways to make money from the Internet, one way being seeking sponsors. No dice. As it turned out, I rediscovered affiliate marketing and I guess, as they say, the rest is history. My wife investigated it about 13 years ago and couldn't do anything with it so I'm going to take a stab at it... alone.

I haven't really jumped in and started anything yet as I've been really skeptical and leery of how it works. Maybe it's not knowing how to handle success if it ever came or not knowing how to handle the happy life I know this field of work can bring. Sure, the dollar signs look great and I hope for a lot of them but, I've been working a $#!%&# job for 6 years. I barely make $10.50 an hour for 29 hours of work a week. I bring in $1000 a month and it's barely enough to do anything. My wife works a 40 hour a week job that's stressing her out to no end. I'm tired of having to do the saaaaaame, borrrrring, teeeeeedious job eveeeeeery siiiiiiingle day with little more than a paycheck to look forward to... even if it's a joke of one.

I hope, as I move forward as a successful affiliate, that I can find a way to supplement my income as I also get more involved with my screenwriting efforts. One hand feeds the other, you know. :) I know I can do well here and across the many streams of financial success affiliate marketing has.

I'm not sure how I found this site but I'm sure I'll be glad that I did. My biggest problem is motivation. Not sure I do but I think I might have ADD as I'm easily distracted by other things and can't stay focused. You'd think that a really crappy job would be the biggest kick in the arse to get one to want to make a change and a difference in heir lives. So, tomorrow, I plan on getting on my computer, turning off my phone (or at least turning the volume down) and getting to work on this site and its lessons.

I first got back into this when I found that Chris Carpenter of Google Cash fame was giving his ebook away for free. I got it and looked it over but soon found out it isn't as big of a money maker as his new Goggle Cash Detective. And then there's Big Ticket, a.k.a. 2 Wealth-2 Freedom. Bleh! They want a bajillion dollars to join up... or so it seemed.

Anyway, I hate my job and I really hope this site can jump start me into a much better work environment... my home. Greetings to you, Mr. Ling. I know this is going to be a beautiful relationship. Now, where do I go from here? :D[url][/url]
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Welcome to Affilorama Russell.
You might want to start here...

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Merry Christmas, Russell and welcome to Affilorama :)
We really hope that we could help you build your affiliate business.

You could start by going through the lessons on the
Introduction to Affiliate Marketing.
If you have any questions, just email us through the contact form at our support page or post them on the forum :)

Have a great year ahead!

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Hi Russel,

Welcome to affilorama.

Remember: the most effective way to succeed with affiliate marketing is: One step at a time.

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Thanks for the warm welcome, y'all. I've been researching all of this still and trying to get into the lessons and I think I'm doing okay. Just started trying to build a web site/page and really, still have no clue what I'm doing and what kind of page to build. Wednesday, I was introduced to yet ANOTHER type of marketing - CPA. My heart was aflutter and now, I'm looking into this as well.

I still feel so lost with all of this info overload. So much to learn. I'm trying to take it one step at a time and don't even know what shoes to put on. ;/ Anyway, thought I'd update you all on my "progress". Here's hoping this gets easier.

- Russ
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Welcome Russ! I'm in about the same situation as you. I make about 1k a month and that's when I'm working next to full time. Every morning I wake up brush my teeth do a salt water rinse then do a listerean rinse then take 4 Advil and 2 aspirin and every 3 months or so antibiotics. About 30% of the time I can't even consider getting online and getting work done because my teeth hurt so bad.

I started affiliate marketing about 6 months ago. When it comes to the internet EVERYONE IS ADD. I started with a program called One Week Marketing. It's a great program for new people and if you have the money I would suggest getting a click bank account and buying it under your own name... I wana say it cost me around $15 after I got my first commission check. I know its hard to spend money when you have no money but I was so confused when I first started I had NO idea where to start. I wanted a step by step plan. As a beginer I would suggest you first start out with all the free methods and write your own articles until you can afford to hire someone. I will brake down some steps for you. This is in no way going to substitue the information in One Week Marketing but it will help you on a path.

1. Download TrafficTravis (free tool) - Get used to using it. Try doing some keyword research and check the compatition. Watch videos here about keyword research.

2. Get a click bank account. Check out the product pages. Look for things you think people will buy (try and stay away from the make money at home niche). Get a good product like... eh Growing Tomato Plants or something like that. Don't worry about the commission on your first product the goal here is to get a sale. I think there are some videos here on how to find good products. Mainly the goal is to find a product with +30 gravity. That means at least 30 people have made 1 or more sales that week on that product. The product's sale page should have a good call to action and have time expired bonuses so they want to "Order Now!" They should also have an obvious money back guarantee

3. Now that you have your product head over to Squidoo.com and open an account. When you are new it is easier to rank for keywords using a site like Squidoo rather then starting from scratch. On squidoo you can create mini pages extremely easily with no know how of web design. .

4. Do some keyword research and find 4-5 keyword phrases that you can rank with little competition.

5. Heres where the real work begins.... research your topic and create your pages with all the SEO tips you can find here in mind. 1 page per keyword phrase.

6. Start creating back links to your pages. You can find tips here on doing that. Make sure you have some good places to insert your click bank link.

7. If you are doing things right you should have your page ranking in the first week. If not come here and ask questions ... PM me! I'll help as much as I can.

There's a ton more ways to brake this down to tell you exactly how to do everything but you should really get OWM. Once you have this method down you can start into Mark's method of building your own sites from scratch which is the better way to do things for a solid business plan but doesn't always work to start off that way. Also if you can start bringing in some money with squidoo.com you can hire your own writers!
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Well, it's been forever since I posted and I'm not even sure I need to be posting today as my mood really is dictating otherwise. I just wanted to update y'all on my progress. Easily put, there hasn't been any. I looked into OWM, Tango, and, sorry to say, as sweet and nice a lady as I'm sure Jennifer is... I couldn't bring myself to listen to her voice, even in the free stuff she had up. That sounds mean but I'm just being honest here. I just couldn't get into the way she taught her methods. It just wasn't for me.

I've really drifted around on the Affiliate Titanic and as I've hit iceberg after iceberg, my motivation and desire has started to wane and all sorts of other deeply seeded issues are coming to the surface. Not to mention, I've been dealing with all sorts of stuff lately, including, but not limited to, losing my keys in the snow blower and having to get them replaced (set me back $135 -- money I could have used in my affiliate biz), trying to maneuver the icy streets of Sioux Falls, SD and, after making the wrong choice of avoiding the windy, fish-tail-y Interstate by driving on surface streets, I smacked into the back of an unsuspecting older lady AND getting written a $105 (again, more money I didn't need to lose) ticket for "following too closely", even though the streets were slicker than owl snot, which should have been scraped by the city. I even managed, as I was checking for damage, to slip on said slick ice and fall on my rear end... in broad daylight... in traffic. I have no ego now.

Luckily, my dad sent me $700 as a Christmas present that I ended up opening a bank account with... without discussing it over with my wife. She ended up accusing me of cheating (without any proof) and of planning to leave her. All I wanted to do was open the account so I could verify my Paypal account and have access to that money once I started to make a bit of an income with IM. So, so far in 2010, I've inconvenienced a multitude of people and alienated my own wife, not to mention, put myself in a mood so fowl. Let's say, the thoughts of me "not being able to do anything right" have played a big part in my mentality of late.

On top of all that, part of my drifting lately has led me to a few interesting things. Ya ever hear of Jamie Lewis and Jonny Andrews? Only two of the most successful IMers to grace the Internet. One created the CopynProfit System and the other created the Money Siphon System. Both claiming "even YOU, yes, YOU! can make a fortune with affiliate marketing" for the low, low price of only $77. Seems both systems are older than dirt and lots of people have tried and succeeded with their tools. I've sat on the idea and notion I could get their stuff and reap a ton of cash. But, that voice in the back of my head keeps telling me to hold out for something even better, or even, nothing at all.

I'm a color crayon sort of guy. I need my info spoon fed to me and if it takes a "copy and paste" system to do it, I'm all for it. But, I'm paralyzed by fear. Fear of failure and fear that I won't succeed at this stuff. I know it ain't easy to get started. I know there's so much info to digest (information overload) and, how did I see it put? Analysis paralysis? I'm not afraid to get dirty nor am I afraid to do the work. I just need someone to take me by the hand, be it Internet guru or ordinary citizen, and just explain this to me, show me how they did what they did so I can have a better example of how to proceed.

Sorry this has turned into a Hulk-sized rant. I just needed to get this out and talk to people that might have a clue to what I'm saying. If you all want to rip me a new one for whining or talking like I want to take the easy street, go ahead. I promise not to wince. But, I needed to vent. The weather is disgusting outside and it ain't helping me out one bit in here. Thanks for reading this and for any help or advice you can shed on me in advance. God bless you all.

- Russ
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