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Need motivation...

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Need motivation...

So the last 2 months have been a disaster haha. Life has been throwing me one bad thing after another and ever since i hit week 3 which was the first week affiloblueprint was launched!! I also have had just to much stuff on my mind and figured it was best to focus on those things and not get stressed by business as well. i have been plagued with one disater after another and have steered WAY off course i really want to finish this up get some money flowing into my pockets and start my business but im down in the dumps at the moment and was just wonder how everyone was was doing so far and any words of advice to get my motors running again haha

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It's kind of hit and miss so far. I get good sales after I write a bunch of articles, but my site isn't moving up in serps yet :( I keep having to write articles if I want to make money

Kind of want my traffic to start coming organically from search volume so I can move on to my next niche site and repeat. Slow and steady, though!
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i just see this is a journey of a thousand miles and it all starts with one step...and then another...and then another.

keep your focus to the task at hand. if it takes you 2 weeks or even a month for each step, so be it. in a year at the latest you'll have a site up and making you money.

i also don't check my clickbank account at all, it helps me stay motivated and focused.

just choose one thing and do it. then choose another and do it.

good luck,

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These are the trials and tribulations of getting your first site up. Your rankings will go up and down in Google because a site is so new and you may even still get the occasional sale or two. The most important thing to remember is to get your site making on avg of 200 a week per Marks suggestion. Now that may take a month or longer but at that point you can start working on your next site.

Any other site you create after your first successful one will come easier for you because you will remember what it took to get your first site to a point where its making you money.

Then if you are comfortable you can take some of your earnings and outsource the tedious tasks to someone else that specializes in those tasks.

Ive been at this for about a month now and believe it or not Im still in the Keyword/Market research phase only because I have the patience and Im going about it a different way. I actually put a long list of keywords into Traffic Travis and have been spying on my competitors via their PPC ads to hand pick my keywords I feel will be profitable.

Patience is definately the key.
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motivation is tough to find when you feel like lifes run you down with a steam roller but you just have to keep in mind that sometimes its all about baby steps - get satisfaction from small victories and build on that

mark makes some good points in his post on mindset that is worth checking out ... or try a website like www.zenhabits.net
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