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My story, So far.

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My story, So far.

I have been an affiliate for a long time (maybe the end of 2006)

i really started hitting the affiliate game hard the first of the year 2009 with a new website, PPC campaign & new attitude
2 days after publishing my site i got my 1st (CB) sale
to date i have made 10 sales all from 1 website & the same product = about $150.00 (in the fitness niche)

by no means is this a lot nor is it a profit but it is real
i have continued to change,update,test my PPC skills

i am by no means a super affilate with my budget i can afford $100.00/month for ppc thats a daily limit of $3.00
im happy if i get 40 visits to my site a day (thats all my budget allows) its not a lot but at least im out in the big affiliate world proving to myself and my family that you can make money online

this is not a post about PPC it is a success story (i just use ppc)
but it does not matter if you have $1.00 or $1000.00 for ppc
if you have a good quality site with products that people need you will get visits & if you bid on the correct keywords your KW bids will be low.

affilorama is the only (affiliate teaching) program i use, i have not used any others.

i personally believe that the smaller the budget you have the harder you are willing to work and devote to your online business
having a small budget has been one of the best teachers for me (next to Mark of course) because i dont have money to blow i have a small budget and thats that.

I would just like to tell everyone you dont need a lot of money to start out if you have a dream to have a online business than no one can make that happen except for you.

maybe this story will help with someone that is stuggling
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Thank you for your story. I'm sure no I'm positive there are a lot us who can relate.
Consistent action will yield results!
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You're right. There are thousands of coaching programs available, with a new one coming almost every day. Each one claims to be the best and promises to help you make millions. I've also wasted a bit of money on those, before I joined Affilorama. More or less, every coaching program teaches the same concepts and the bottom line is that you need to make your website(s) better and better. You may not earn millions, but atleast you can have a decent income even with a small buget.
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