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My first sale came yesterday!!

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My first sale came yesterday!!

I started a new site a month ago. It is not ready yet, but I got a sale yesterday. I just have 15 articles on that site but the traffic is growing fast. I wonder what would happen whwn I have tweaked and made it complete. I love Affilorama and I will stay here forever.
I have tried to make money online for 3 years with no success at all. But when I joined AB earlier this year I thought " Well I give it a try".
And now I have 2 sites that is making me some money.
Thank you Mark and staff!! I love you!!

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Congratulations, Peter!

Still some ways off my first I think, but keepin on trucking.

Well done!

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Onwards & Upwards, my fellow Affiliateers!

If you don't try, you'll always wonder why!
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Way to go, Peter. I had 3 sales yesterday and have not put any traffic systems in place! I too have 17 articles on my site which I wrote over the past 4 weeks. Hope to submit to AMautomation today with a reworded article. Good luck to you, BWC.
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Nice work, keep it up. This stuff isn't half as hard as people really think :)

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Congratulations Peter! Thanks for sharing that. A lot of people will definitely be inspired by this. :)

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