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My Birthday And Step-By-Step Videos Using Mark's Strategies

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My Birthday And Step-By-Step Videos Using Mark's Strategies

Just like u guys to know that today is my birthday.

And also I will be showing you live step-by-step videos on me doing research, building and driving traffic to my site at http://howtolookandfeelgreat.com using Mark's strategies sometime in Feb-Mar.

This could be my last time promoting info products as I will be moving my online business to physical products or e-commerce starting with Amazon.

So I decided to make this my best ever campaign.

But whether this site can actually make $ or not, I really don't know. I can only say I will do my best.

So do watch out for my video.
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Good luck with it :)

Just one tip... Maybe consider niching it down a little bit more. Focus on just men or just women... or something like weight loss, beauty tips, etc.

I don't know exactly what your plan is, but I do see categories for men, women, and children, which makes me think it might be a bit too broad.

Hope this helps.
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Hi Amuro,

Belated Happy Birthday! I hope you had a very good one! :)

I'm looking forward to those step-by-step videos. I have to agree with Clayton though about picking a sub-niche, like focusing your site on a specific market. You can start off with targeting just men, for now, and then expand later on to include women and children.

All the best!
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