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More Free Marketing Help!

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More Free Marketing Help!

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to pass on another one of my friends free marketing courses.

This one is from Travis, the creator of<b> "TheBumMarketingMethod.com"</b>. His new project is called<b> ProjectMom.</b>


If you haven't heard of TheBumMarketingMethod.com it came about when Travis was explaining to his wife how he had devised a way to promote other peoples products online without spending any money.

His wife then replied, "That's so easy a bum off the street could do it."

By using the public library and Travis's free marketing techniques you could take a bum off the street and teach him how to generate an income without spending any money at all.

Well in true bum marketing fashion, Travis is doing it again. But this time he will be using video and we get to look over his and his pretty little wife's shoulder as they build a blog from scratch and get it to make money as a surprise for his mother. (you see he had the click bank checks set up to go to is mom's mail box in her name and she has no idea that they are coming.) Should be fun to watch:)

Anyway, Travis has helped me a great deal in my online adventures and he really knows what he is doing!
He has several of his own products that stay on the Click Bank's most popular products list year-a-round (that have nothing to do with the "make money online" niche.)

Once again Travis is making this free to anyone that signs up at this link-


I am sure that there will be products that he will offer in true IM form but it doesn't cost you anything to watch his video's, just an opt-in.

Travis is one of the rear people in this world that understands the power of giving back. Just as Mark Ling and potpiegirl do.(some of my favorites)


P.S. By the way I don't get anything for passing on this info. It's just good stuff from a great guy that I think could help a lot of people.

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Free marketing help http://www.bummarketingmethod.com/ProjectMom.html

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Thanks for the info. I think this will help me because i 'm short on money.
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I can't remember when, but I read up on this bum marketing thingy a while ago and revisited recently. I really think Travis is a gem. Anyone here who needs income and can't afford to spend any money needs to go to TheBumMarketingMethod.com and follow his methods. It's not the lazy mans road map, but it is a very good and profitable one.

Last month I submitted 4 articles to EzineArticles.com for one of my brand new websites. I have earned almost $15.00 in Adsense and the articles cost me $6.00. Well, I wrote two of them. :P Anywho, I've been testing to see if I could outsource the article writing and still end up in Adsense profits. So far it's pretty slow, but as you can see I have earned a nice profit on the $6.00 I spent. I have put in another $6.00 for an additional 2 articles, but have yet to see any Adsense from those. However, it seemed like it took a few weeks before I noticed any Adsense income from the first articles so don't get impatient, it may take a while before things start happening for you.

Now then... Just so you know, this is the very LAZY way to do the bum marketing method. Outsourcing the article writing and not doing anything more than submitting to EzineArticles. Travis provides far more ways to boost the results in the profit area by way of showing you how to boost your traffic to the articles themselves. I'm being super super lazy and simply testing to see if I can pay $3.00 per article and still reap a profit.

I have figured out some statistics on the very small bit of traffic that I have received from EzineArticles. I am earning about $8.00 per 100 visits. Sooooo, if I were to listen to Travis and actually do some backlinking to my articles, that should boost the traffic which in turn will boost my profits.

Perhaps I'll get some backlinking done and if things go well, or even if they don't, I'll try to come back and give you guys an update.

But... really my affiliorama buds and buddets, of all the freebies and honest to goodness ways to generate some income on a bum's budget, this one works.

---- It is still a lot of work ---- There is no easy way to make money so don't think this is the Lazy Bums Way to profits. If you haven't done so yet, go check it out.

Cheers and Lots of Kudo's to Travis!
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