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Mobil Monopoly - My Thoughts & Yours

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Mobil Monopoly - My Thoughts & Yours

Hi Everyone,

To start I want to say that Mobil Monopoly is awesome - But... I want to add that it has been so saturated with people flooding the market with ads that a lot of us are not seeing our ads get any impressions. That's ok, because this program is great.

I wanted to share this with you because I am so dang frustrated with SEO that I need a change of pace. I am going to be trying to build my list with other traffic sources than Google. Adam's program gives you great ideas on how to do this very cheap. And he also helps you see how to recouperate your money.

I also wanted to share with those of you who did buy it a mistake I made that will save you some money.

1. Be sure to Target the right AGE, and Gender. I made a huge mistake when I forgot to target the age group and gender for Warcraft. I know girls play this game too, but the majority are guys. Plus, I am pretty sure the age group should be between 18 and 35, not 18 and 65 which was where it was at for me.

2. Be sure your ad makes sense to EVERYONE or tire kickers will KILL your clicking stats. I used the term, WoW, and not Warcraft. I think a lot of people thought "WoW" as in Holy cow! or something like that and they wanted to know what all the fuss was about. Secret Gold Stash WoW huh?

My Next Idea:

What I'm thinking I should do is to be CLEAR about the fact that it's a list in the ad. That means I need to create an image ad, not just use text since there isn't enough room. So, my text ad would read something like this:

Get Tons of Warcraft Gold
Enter Your Email for Details

That pretty much tells people it's about Warcraft and they will need to give me their email to get the details. I hope that this next run will not cost me a fortune.

I had only 3 people subscribe, costs me $28.00 to learn this lesson. But out of those three people who subscribed I earned $1.50 on the one person who submitted their email to the CPA offer they were redirected to after they joined my list.

So, be sure to include a CPA offer redirect instead of sending them to a thank you page.

Anyway, my goal this year is to really fine tune my business. And I also want to help as many other people as I can avoid wasting money by sharing my failures as well as my successes.

We are ALL really having difficulties with money. Today I called up a financial adviser to help my husband and I get more out of our savings than 2% or less. We are doing well financially in these hard times TODAY, but I worry about tomorrow. And I worry for you too.

We need to stick together. Help each other out. I love this forum. It's my favorite place to share my thoughts and to get helpful ideas too.

If you are using Mobil Monopoly and you are having success or failure, please share it with us. Also, there are other ways of promoting your CPA offers with these Networks that we are introduced to in MM. Youtube is one of the ways that Adam talks about in the program, but there is Facebook and others to consider.

Share your thoughts with us. :)

Best Wishes,
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I am liking Mobile Monopoly as well, but there are so many ways to do it, my head is spinning..lol
Here's what I am thinking. You have to find the niche before they do. If they put it up for you to follow, they have already mined it.
I took off and found TDub's book on Farmville secrets and did that on mobile marketing,... made 2 sales in 20 minutes. cost me $31.00,.made $43. So keeping heads-up on the newest thing is what I am doing.,.but I guess that means doing your homework everyday!
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If you got to chacha.com, it gives you the trends for mobile phones

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I have not looked into this but, I have a feeling that its mostly a waste of time and hype... who is going to click buttons like crazy on mobilephones these days, I am very sceptical to these mobile programs, I do think its way better to stay focused to build aff sites based on seo or ppc.
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I have been learning MM for the past week I like Adam's ideas and he has a lot of great content. I jumped right into selling a Clickbank product using Aweber and BeastMobi to create a mobile optimized squeeze page. I spent $50 for over 200,000 impressions and over 800 clicks. Even with those stats not one converted! So I am frustrated, but whereelse can you get ads for $.06!? I think it is all about fine tuning.

My next campiagn (waiting for approval) is a Peerfly CPA offer that I have made some tweaks to. I have done some demographic changes, like Christi stated and I found something that I want to share with you guys as well. I don't know if you watched all the videos but one thing that Adam did in one video was click on CHANNELS and refine. (This is when using Admob)
If anyone needs me to go further in explanation let me know. I'll also let you know if that worked! I am still fishing for my first mobile sale!

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I am $100 down on mobile advertising but nothing worthwhile to show for it except for 5 subscribers.... The click rates are very low and I got good CTR when I used chrisi's idea of mentioning in the banner ad that there is an email to be entered. inspite of that, on that particular campaign, I received 300+ clicks but only 1 subscriber. I was targeting it to only US. one thing I noticed on one of my earlier ads was that I had forgotten to geo target that ad and got 8 optins (about 3% conversion) but most of those were african names I guess so im not counting those.

I think the challenge is not in getting clicks, but if you want to build a list.. it is to get people to opt in. even with just an email. I tried about 7-8 different variations of squeeze pages but none of them is working well. I tried video, text, image, image and video...

Did anyone else run into this?
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I am $100 down as well, so don't feel bad :) my first campaign I used a squeez page to try and start a list but quickly realized that that method was probably the most challenging. I quickly switch to CPA offers that seemed a lot more promising and I was getting a higher conversion rate, but no sales! I am not stopping despite my efforts thus far and am exploring other techniques.
I am currently researching how to help local business.
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Just like you guys I have spent $100 on Mobile Advertising with 11 emails addresses, None have converted to a sale or CPA offer.

Mobile Monoploly is probably worth the money but I don't think Beastmobi is worth it.

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I use it just to build my list only.
Just my own products and lets face it the products here are set up for list building,
Use seo and the mobile platform.
Im getting 1c clicks, where on google i would pay up to $15 for the same click.

I ran a suggested program in mobile monopoly and lost $197 in 2 hours on 5c clicks and didnt make a sale.

The clicks to the add were amazing, but they came and went.

Imagine being able to build a list where in costs you on average 5c to get them in your sales funnel.

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I love the cheap clicks with admob...

On my latest runs with $50, i made $30 and was sending traffic straight to a mobile optimized cpa offer in the dating niche. I thought that was good but I wanted to build a list in money making niche, so I changed to list building but after I spent $38, all I got was 3 leads...

I still want to make a list in the money making niche but im still working on it. I suppose it just comes down to fine tuning, but i did remember adam saying that he makes a list of about 100 people each time he spends $50 so thats still a pretty low optin rate considering your getting 0.04 & 0.05 cent clicks.

When im playing games on the ipad though, its pretty easy to accidentally hit one of the admob ads, so i wonder if this is the same for phones>?
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You'll also find a detailed review on Mobil Monopoly on this thread:
Mobile monopoly review
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i didn't like it. i spent the $50 and got a couple of optins and got refused from peerfly for what would seem no reason. The $50 went down so fast with hardly any optins it makes me think it was such a waste of my money
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Hey Chrisi and all,

Great discussion going on here...

There's no doubt... not a single one that mobile is set to change the marketing industry. I noticed some scepticism in above reply and I have to reply to that...

Consider the figures....

Consider that mobile is not confined to mobile phones... and the fact that mobile devices have evolved simply to provide convenient access to tools that make our lives easier...

People almost have a relationship with their devices! They use them to interact with friends, family and services daily, twice and thrice daily and love doing it. Many folks would be lost without their preferred device like it or not. I think that if you truly understand this, you can succeed with mobile marketing.

It's all about your angle of attack... remember, a users device is a part of their own personal space. If you've not been invited there (by previous opt-in) you have to be very careful about what you do and how you do it. This principal is nothing new right? You can't just stick a CPA offer under someone nose and EXPECT them to play ball!

Some do though and depending on the configuration of your campaign, as we see above, you can get some results... but remember this is cold calling.. You're presenting yourself uninvited into somebodies personal space and there are many variables to consider that may differ from campaign to campaign. Even the time of year may have a bearing on your results!

So, what if we don't ask for an op-in or a sale? Has anybody thought of that?

What if I use mobile marketing to build a relationship with people before I go banging on the door trying to sell them something?

My message here I think is that you can learn about how things are right now and understand how it all works in theory... but you have to be inventive and creative when you deploy your master plan. Also remember, failed campaigns can be very valuable if you accept them as par for the course and learn from them, as you are doing Chrisi...

Something I think that's overlooked with regard to the whole mobile issue is content provision... Developing mobile friendly content provides a solution to my above suggestion in that mobile users will appreciate and share resources they can enjoy on their devices. This in turn will produce traffic that is targeted and getting an opt in or sale at that stage - piece of cake!

I have lots of ideas! But those are for another day!

I'm conducting some exciting tests over the next couple of months so we'll see what happens!

To Your Success


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Ade74 wrote:
So, what if we don't ask for an op-in or a sale? Has anybody thought of that?

What if I use mobile marketing to build a relationship with people before I go banging on the door trying to sell them something?

Interesting statement. Care to explain? I can only imagine you mean directing them to a landing page of some sort like a pre-sales letter. The other thing that comes to mind is a blog post or something similar but that would probably only work well on something like a tablet.

I'm conducting some exciting tests over the next couple of months so we'll see what happens!

Looking forward to seeing it.

In the meantime though, I thought the most of the mobile monopoly course had a lot of hype in it and not much content. A lot of possibilities were dangled but specifics were a bit lacking I feel. The most valuable portion for me was probably the list of networks to apply to. I had very limited success with list building using this method (though admittedly I didn't experiment very much with it) but I've had some success with CPA offers and managed to make some profit. It's not something I'd major in at the moment though because quite a bit of testing is required and right now I'm concentrating on SEO traffic.

Oh, the other thing is that the proven offers listed in the course aren't worth trying without varying the angle like the copy, etc. That's because just about everyone who buys the course will try it and the offer has most probably run its course.

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Hey Joshua

Interesting statement. Care to explain?

Yes of course... just not here, sorry... not that I don't want to help you, or anyone else for that matter...I just can't reveal too much here.

From what you have said, I feel you may have missed what I'm getting at though.. You have a choice, read my post again and try and pick up on what I'm saying and form a battle plan by yourself...

On the other hand, you could get a direct answer via my report here: http://www.make-mobile-money.com/report/ or in greater detail here: http://make-mobile-money.com

What I can tell you is that I have a surefire way to make mobile money!


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