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Mini Sites vs. Subdomains vs. Authority Sites

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Mini Sites vs. Subdomains vs. Authority Sites


I'm hoping for some advice on something that, in all honesty, has me a bit stuck in getting started. There are various topics I'm interested and some have multiple sub niches. If there is a niche I'm interested in and I'd like to discuss many aspects of it, for example (and this is not necessarily the niche I'm thinking about, but am using for an example):

Let's say Health and Fitness is the niche ... and some of the topics I'd like to write about and promote would include:

- Losing Weight
- Building muscle
- Meditation
- Medical issues such as high cholesterol
- Etc.

So my question is ... would I be better off creating:

1. Mini sites for each sub niche?

2. Just create an authority site on all of this with Categories for each sub niche?

... or ...

3. A main domain with subdomains for each sub niche? For example:
- loseweight.beahealthyperson.com
- buildmuscle.beahealthyperson.com
- meditation.beahealthyperson.com

I know in the long run, building the authority site is probably the best move, but I'm also trying to get that first sale sooner rather than later, which is the appeal of mini sites. This is the reason I has the idea of using subdomains for each sub niche of the overall niche ... this way I could build one at a time, giving me the advantage that mini sites have plus I'm building towards the authority site one piece at a time.

I appreciate anyone's thoughts on this ... even if you tell me I'm missing something completely in my thinking.

Thank you very much,

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Hi Tim,

I see you've posted the same question here. I have responded to the same post in the Affiloblueprint forums where you initially posted your question.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Hi Tim,

I suggest you start with a niche site first- a super niche site if possible so you can target the right market easily and compete with others since you are also targeting low competition keywords.

A niche site is perfect, especially for beginners because it will be easier and more manageable as compared to authority sites.

You can create one niche site then when that site is up and running and receiving good amount of traffic, you can then create another one until you have tons of super niche sites. :)

About authority sites, perhaps you can do this in the future when you're more comfortable in creating sites. So I suggest start with niche sites then work your way up to making authority sites later on.

I hope that helps.

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