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Matts download

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Matts download

Hi I have bought Matt Carters rapid profit formula and am not able to download fire fox or seo quake because my security suite is with windows live one care through my telophone provider not sure what to do. I contacted Matt and he said to clear my browser cache. but this will not solve my problemwith my security will it. Matt has not contacted me back when I presented this to him. I hope someone can help as long as I paid for this and other discounted plans through this offer.

Thank You
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HI Bulkman,

I don't think Affilorama endorses or provides support for Matt Carter's Rapid Profit Formula so they might not be able to tell you how to download its contents. I suggest contacting your internet/telephone provider for assistance on downloading firefox/seo quake or you can check Windows Live One website (http://onecare.live.com/standard/en-us/default.htm) for information on how to tweak your security settings so you can download other browsers.
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Hi Bulkman,

I'm not too familiar with how Windows Live One, but you should be able to tweak it by going through your firewall settings. You can set mozilla.com as a trusted website, and allow all content to pass through. An alternative, (which is what I would do if I was unfamiliar with how the software works) is to uninstall windows live one temporarily, then download the software you need(such as firefox, or seo quake). Once you install the needed software, then you can reinstall your windows live one security suite.....

Hope that helps : )
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