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Matt Carter's Finding a profitable niche

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Matt Carter's Finding a profitable niche

Hi, Just finished watching this webinar. I thought it was a very good presentation and I thought he came across clearly and concisely and I don't doubt his credentials.
I checked the 2 websites he mentioned and the alteril one if you google sleep problems Matt's website doesn't feature and even entering alteril or buy alteril it does not come up, i had to nearly enter the name of the site for it to appear in the rankings but he says he makes money of this site but how does he get traffic to it?
Also he had a product called rapid profit formula that is now closed and he is opening a training membership site, will this be a monthly fee which he stated he despised.
Finally it seems strange that this product would be advertised here as i thought affiloblueprint was the one stop shop for affiliate marketing so why do we need another product.
I say again he sounded like a really intersting guy and if he achieved in 3 years what he says he has achieved who am i to argue but I just want to gather the thought of people with more experience.

Cheers, Noel
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Matt Carter is well known for his quality products and helpful, informatiojn-filled webinars like the one you saw. That webinar was a few years back, I think, and at the time he was promoting Rapid Profit Formula, which has already been closed.

The best person to answer your question about Matt's sites would be Matt, but I think that those sites are still earning. There are other ways of getting traffic to the site, not just through the SERPs.

There are members who are ready to try other things and that is why we give product recommendations.  You have to look at these different training programs like books, each book is unique and each author has his own experience and advice to give. Some people are capable of taking multiple courses and combining them into a super strategy. Others get confused by doing this and are better off sticking to one program and mastering it before moving on to any others. 

Hope that helps. Have a good weekend!
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Hi Noel,

Affilorama is not really exclusive when it comes to products. We promote and recommend other products as well because we believe these will also help members. We leave the option to members-whether they will purchase the product/s recommended or not.

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Yeah Matt's site (alterilinfo.com), isn't the kind of site he says he builds for search engine rankings anymore, these thin affiliate sites don't do well in the SE's because of the recent Google updates.

I was a member of his IM Super Elite paid membership (now closed also) and what he does now (when he's not building his e-commerce stores and lead generation sites), is build authority affiliate sites, no more targeting JUST product names, you have to do way more than that, which is now the norm and you should be able learn all about it here no problem. This is just the nature of doing business on the internet, it changes so fast.

I'm sure he could revamp that site and bring it back up the serps for sure, if he wanted to.

If you want to see a site that's a good model for today try: thehorseridingsite.com
I only bring this site up because it was a recent case study from another good SEO guy Aidan Booth, notice it is all about providing quality content FIRST and then you can drop in affiliate links/ads whatever you want after that.


p.s. Aidan's memberships are also all filled up and closed, I know this because he has us doing all of his content writing, wow does he order a lot of stuff lol.
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Matt Carter is very good, very informative, and indeed...Helping....
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Ashok Sinha

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