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Marketing Success

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Marketing Success

I have been a member here for a long time and not just learning here. I have met friends that are studying on marketing about a year ago three of us made a deal we would work together until one of us had success.

Three months ago one of us did.

My friend sold 40k worth of Amazon Products his first year!! Not big money but measurable and still growing. He kept his word and shared it with the group. I started with part of his system three months ago and changed all my sites to Amazon. I learned to use the theme he has had success with.

The first month I posted a few websites here just to see what people thought. No one commented but I had sales, just one or two.

Last month I followed his plan more closely and built more sites. I had six sales. Not enough earnings to get a payout from Amazon.

I spent four weeks, ten hours per day, seven days a week just redoing on page SEO using the easy word press seo plugin and rewriting my content.

This month I have sold a thousand dollars in product and so far has made sixty from Amazon in 20 days . I also made 17 from a site on Clickbank that is starting to rank now.

I am not sure why I am even writing this I guess because I learned and shared some things from Mark Ling and want to give some back.

What we have found will not really work at all now is spun content unless it is near perfect and only used in moderation. I used link push it did nothing for onsite seo for me. i mean the product paid linkpushing not building your own. I believe it's because of the spun content.

One thing that I found that works is perfect on page seo.

One more is perfect or near perfect writing on all posts and having keyword optimized posts. The Amazon part of the blueprint program is very close to what we use as a set of guide lines for choosing products that will work. But only if you know the inside out of keyword research.

I have not seen that in this program. The keyword academy is and has been very helpful to my marketing but is not a complete or functional system. It also does not claim to be.

I still have a website live built on the jetpack system. I have sold a few products but it died this fall season. I may sell it but I'm not yet sure.

The seo system I now use is called" build My Rank" I have a banner on my site at http://www.improveeyesite.com

I am also using blog commenting using comment Kahuna . I have the related RSS plugin on all my sites . I quit the ABC plugin because it uses spun content.

My keywords are now showing a constant increase in rank on most sites. This resulted to consistent sales.

Half my website or at least five have a page rank of one in less than two months.

This is the result of three years learning how to use a computer how to market how to type and a little about spelling.
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Hi Mack,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. I admire your passion for learning and your dedication on your sites. Most people would usually walk away or jump from one course to another in the hopes of finding something that will give them instant success. But you carried on and did not let the bumps in the road throw you off.

I'm glad to hear your sites are doing well. All the best to you and your sites! :)

Have a great weekend!
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Thanks for sharing your experience, Bruce! I'm very happy to hear that everything is working well for you.

It's great that you became part of a team and that each of you are willing to support and learn from each other.

Maybe you could try promoting digital products on your site. If you could find some products that can complement your physical products then I believe that would help monetize your site since digital products give higher commissions.

All the best!
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