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Mark, do you want to share your story with us?

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Mark, do you want to share your story with us?

Hi all,

I've signed up for Affilorama a couple of days ago and I really like it. There is so much information and knowledge around here.
I've just finished reading all the Reviewica topics and I found it very interesting. It's very interesting to read how Spider started his project, what problems he is dealing with, what he is doing to achieve his goal etc...

I'm very curious about your story Mark, what do you still want to achieve in the Internet-Marketing industry, how did you become so successful, what kind of problems were you dealing with when you came into this industry, how much time do you spent on your sites nowadays, what's the most successful project you've launched so far?

I respect when you don't want to answer these questions but I think they can be really helpfull and inspirational for us.
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Welcome to Affilorama Yoshi!

Hey Mark - What do you think about having a 'success stories' category? It's really inspiring to read about what people have achieved. Even when I read about small things that people have achieved it really spurs me on. Just thought i'd throw that one out there as an idea.
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I also think a section on personal progress or something would be handy. Something where people can have a thread each and post in it as they make progress, or come across obstacles etc.

I'm also interested in hearing more of Marks story. :)
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Welcome Yoshi, I'm pretty new to affilorama too. I simply have to logon to affilorama site whenever I'm online. It certainly provide lotsa information and the learning never ends.

foamyone - I totally support your suggestion to a success stories section for inspirational and encouragement purpose. Sometimes it really get very discouraging when you are hit by obstacles after obstacles.

Sean - Oh boy, I certainly think that's a very very very very good idea. I'll second your suggestion. Because I'm one of the problem fella around who will make good use of this section. :P

Theresa :D
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