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Making headers and banners with photo editing software.

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Making headers and banners with photo editing software.

It seems that I'm going to have to learn how to do a few things in a photo editing programs so that I can make headers and banners. The thing is, photo editing software is really complicated.

I got Paint.Net because it's free and it's suppose to be easier to use, but it's also limited in it's tools. With paint.net there doesn't seem to be a way to cut something out of an image so that you can paste it onto your header.

So then I downloaded Gimp, which is suppose to be able to do most of things that Photoshop can do, and it's free. But, it's a very complicated program. While I did figure out three different ways of cutting something out of an image, none of them did a very clean job. Not to mention I can't figure out how to do other stuff, like sharpen up a fuzzy image which you would think would be easy.

Then I downloaded Inkscape because it's also free and is suppose to be similiar to Corel Draw. It can change an image into a vector image making it more clear, getting rid of the jagged edges that some pixelated images have. Unfortunately it's complicated too and I can't figure it out.

So now I got three different photo editing programs that together can do everything I need them to if I could just figure out how to use them. I've watched some video tutorial on them but most of them don't apply to what I'm going to use them for. All I want to know is how to make headers and banners using these programs. Does anybody know where any good tutorials are online that can help with this?
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You tube would be your best bet.
Have you also considered outsourcing it?
There are heaps of people on Fiverr.com who can do this for a .. Fiver. :)

I use photoshop alot myself.
as for using Paint.net...
You should be able to cut an image and paste it onto your banner image.
Are you trying to cut just the outline of the picture? for example ..cutting a dog image out of a scene..or just cutting a square out of a scene?
Both can be done in Paint.net and you tube has heaps of tutorials.
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I have another FREE option to produce HEADERS - Check out www.XHeader.com. It is free and comes with 500 plus templates.

I recently discovered it. I have been happy with the headers I have been able to produce with it using paint.net and PhotoShop.

Good Luck!
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Hello Kurt,

I would recommend you to stick with Paint.net. When you have heaps of money to burn one day, buy Photoshop. In the interim, the training you will learn by using Paint.net will actually help you with some of the principles of using Photoshop.

Using Paint.net it is VERY easy to cut out images using the Magic Wand tool and highlighting the bits you want to remove and adjusting the tolerance up and down until your selected area is right. There are good forums around for Paint.net and I'd recommend searching for help on the Paint.net Magic Wand tool. Of course you should aim to get high quality, high resolution images on a contrasting or preferably white background as they are much easier to manipulate. Never enlarge either but reducing the size is generally fine.

Believe me, you can produce EXCELLENT and professional looking work using Paint.net. You would be very surprised actually. It's a very under-rated app. Don't bother with GIMP. Stick to Paint.net. It's much better.

While Paint.net is not anywhere near as extensive as Photoshop it will perform quite a few of the same things and you do most of them MUCH easier than you can in Photoshop. I'm sure you will be happy with it. It's text editing is a bit limited for example meaning if you make a mistake you cannot edit the text like you can in Photoshop (you have to delete it and add new text), that kind of thing but you can live with that. Also of course Photoshop is much superior for manipulating photo's but being in affiliate marketing that's really not an issue either.

Put it this way. Photoshop is very expensive and hard to use. Paintnet is free and very capable. Thus, I actually consider Paint.net to be superior for most people.

I got started using Paint.net before progressing to Photoshop. I've been using Photoshop for several years now constantly and I still frequently scratch my head over the lack of logic and consideration which has gone into it's interface sometimes. It is confusing to use especially after using the far more logical Paint.net. But it IS the industry standard I guess so I persist with it now.

That's my opinion only but I used Paint.net for a long time and I still love the app very much.
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I use GIMP all the time for cutouts. The key I have found is after you have a rough outline selection, you turn on the quick mask (shift-Q or you could click on the box outline to the left of the horizontal scroll) and to use the paint tools to refine the selection.

Beginning GIMP by Akkana Peck is one of the best overall introductions to GIMP I have found and may be of great help if you want to keep using it.

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If you want to edit your photo you should must try Link removed by moderator
It will be vary beneficial for you. I am saying this on my experience of using this.
Hope this will help you much. I was just wondred after looking the functionality of this site. The guy have done greta in building this. Great concept and great implementation.
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