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Looking to Befriend Marketers for a Smart Tech Store

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Looking to Befriend Marketers for a Smart Tech Store

Hi friends,

I apologize if this is a stupid question, as I am a newbie wanting to learn.

I have a website providing affordable smart technology for home and lifestyle. (Smart plugs, smart doorbells, etc.)

My company has a green focus on saving energy and also provides a year's supply of sanitary drinking water to 1 disadvantaged person per order.

The products are great, the website is beautiful, and there is a demand for this, you can see this for yourself. (The link is smartcookiestore.com)

I just need advertising.

I am not a professional with Facebook Ads or Google Ads, nor have I built a following through content marketing. (I do have great emotional video content for advertising though!)

I want to find ethical affiliates/JV partners interested in a long-term partnership. I am looking for a win-win here because I want to make sure you succeed as well.

My interest is not in joining an affiliate network to list my program. I am wanting to email potential partners on affiliate forums, one-by-one. I like keeping things very human :)

I am WILLING to offer as much as I can, 100% commission. I also will help you any way I can with video content, traffic insights, what strategies I have tried that did not work, and ad copy.

I understand my line of business is not super niche, and I plan to sell less products in the future and become more niche.

If not here, where can I message/email affiliates/JV partners? I have tried searching the forums with "recruiting affiliates". No luck.

Any help is greatly appreciated guys, you are helping a hard working human in need. Thanks! :)
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Your niche is considered evergreen and because it is very targeted, you can have a well defined market as well, which makes it a lot easier to market the site.

What I would do for this niche is to start planning my content. A blog section would be helpful for this niche so you can also optimize the website for valuable content.

Then you can also start doing content marketing to target high-quality audience. A good content, as you may already know, provides you with good conversion as well.

As for paid ads, you can try to run a test in Facebook and Google and see how it goes from there.

You need to know that all marketing methods, even the successful ones, are not guaranteed to work on your website, unless you tried testing. So the key is to test and test and test until you make it.

As for hiring affiliates to promote the niche, you can get them by joining affiliate networks such as the ones you have mentioned. However, if you want to choose affiliates, you can let them also sign-up directly to your website for approval. I have seen affiliate vendors run their products in several affiliate networks but members also need to sign-up on the site as well to start promoting the product. You an do that as well.

You may also sign-up in Warrior Forum to invite affiliates.

I hope that helps!
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Try posting a question on Quora as well , I am sure you would get some interesting recommendation as well.

Here is my recommendation for you
"My interest is not in joining an affiliate network to list my program. I am wanting to email potential partners on affiliate forums, one-by-one. I like keeping things very human :)"

Since you are interested in contacting them one-by-one, you can search on platforms that have hashtags like for example Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest and by targeting hashtags like #affiliatemarketing or #affiliatemarketer and similar... you can find posts done by affiliate marketers ... so you look for some posts there and browse the people and find those that you can pinpoint as affiliate marketers and try to contact them to check if they may be interested in promoting your product...

Make sure you offer them a best deal possible to be able to attract them to promote for you... That means you also have to sell them the idea about your product, why is it good for them to promote it, and how it will be beneficial to them.
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