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Looking for New Ideas to Make Money

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Looking for New Ideas to Make Money

Hello all,

I'm looking for new ideas to make money. Can you suggest a couple ideas?

Many thanks,
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I would suggest you focus on affiliate marketing. You an get as many business ideas in this industry alone. Like for example, you started on niche websites, promoting digital products. You may expand by promoting physical products as well. You may also try to create your own product to sell or go with drop shipping business. The possibilities are endless.
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Yes, affiliate marketing is the best since it can give you the best results provided you follow simple steps when it comes to building your affiliate marketing website. Go through the free video lessons here at Affilorama to learn more about the art of driving visitors to your site.
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The best business model everyone can start with low level of skills and investment is affiliate marketing as mentioned above.

What I can add more is working on list building. It includes creating a simple 1-page website (Squeeze Page, Opt-in Page) where you can capture the visitor's Email address in exchange with an amazing free offer. Then, sending automated and manual messages to that person containing both great content and promotion. As everyone says, "The Money Is In The List".

You can start within many great niches such as "Internet Marketing", "Self-Development", "Weight Loss", "Bodybuilding", "Healthy Eating", "Parenting", "Gaming", etc. Just pick the one you're more comfortable with, build your funnel, set everything up, drive traffic to your page and start communicating with your list and warming it up. Then, send affiliate promotional messages to your list and collect the commissions!

To Your Success,

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One of the best methods to earn online is through affiliate marketing, but it is not the only way. You can hire yourself out as a writer, a developer, a web designer. If you are not any of these, then you can go for clerical or backend tasks like encoder, customer support, sales representative, bookkeeper. You can visit sites like eLance or Upwork. They have a wide array of jobs that can help you earn online.

Affiliate marketing is still the better option as this doesn't require you to report to anyone, and you time is your own.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Create a blog full of quality content about your expertise, your hobby or anything you like and able to write about. This after you do your market research. join an affiliate program as said above or create a how to ebook. Finding a business idea is a process you need to apply to find out what you are good at. If you want to make money stick with what you want and love. Period!
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I would recommend you join an affiliate program. First you need to choose the most attractive niche for you and secondly a way you would like to promote. Seems like Instagram marketing is blooming these days... not suitable for all the verticals however, but I know people make lots of money promoting health, beauty & food products on Instagram. So maybe you should think about it :)
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