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Looking for article spinner in Spanish

teresa fernandez
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Looking for article spinner in Spanish

Hi all,

We´re looking for someone that can take care of creating articles in Spanish with spin versión allx3 at the best possible price.

The article directories we submit these to are not too picky (like Ezine and the like) so they can be 350 words length and they don´t need to be of the highest quality, they just need to do the job. Ideally some service like iWriter but for Spanish.

We have submitted at most 10 articles in these directories and in many of them were the top writes, so as you can see, we just need quick, cheap, spin ready articles about vacations and tourism.

If anyone does this or know about any services either here or somewhere else please PM or send us an email to fernandez.teresa@gmail.com

We want to outsource this ASAP.

Many thanks,

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Hi Tere,

Good Day!

You can try posting your requirement for Spin articles in Spanish in the following sites:


I hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Peter C
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Hola Teresa,

puedes intentar en la página myntmarket.com, es como fiverr pero en español. Espero que te sea útil. Saludos.

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Hola! mi no entiende :)
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If you're looking for an article spinner in spanish, take a look at http://www.danielpinero.com/article-spinner-spanish. It's online and free. You insert the text you want to spin, click on the button, and get the new text. It's that easy. Then you can change any word to its original, or get a new synonym. Check it out and leave some feedback!
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