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Locked out 8 (

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Locked out 8 (

It seems that $72/month that I am paying for my premium membership is not enough to keep my site open, I cant even access it, I guess there would be some hickup along the lines somewhere, maybe I have missed a payment, I dont know they havn't advised me,I guess $72/mnth doesn't buy peace of mind, thats why I have used affiliorama from the first place, so that maybe a bit of professional courtesy would be forwarded, I guess $72/mnth aint enough for good honest integrity these days,,,after the bs spiel I swallowed,,and to think I actually looked up to mark for making a go of it, it seems that I belived I could do it to, I know I can, but my web site will be moving, lol, couldn't even send an email to let me know,now i have to do it all over I suppose, since i have lost my backup,,,stay tuned,,, holisticaustralia.com

ty for your attention,
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ouch mate that's pretty harsh. Have you even talked with the affilorama staff to see what the issue is and what can be done about it? Perhaps they can help. In the mean time I think the obvious lesson for everyone is else is backup, backup, backup :) Best of luck mate
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im sorry to hear that.. im sure this thing will be sort out.. Mark is a pretty nice guy (don't know him personally but I am a good judge of character)..

listen, you can PM me, send me your site's info (like DNS, or files or something) and i'll gladly host it over in my hosting account over at hostgator... will create ftp account for you and other things you need.

just remember to make regular backup and keep a copy for yourself.
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Hi Judd,

I'm sorry for not responding to your post sooner. I replied to your email on June 2nd informing you that Clickbank cancelled your Premium membership because they are no longer able to bill you. Following is a part of their email to you back in May 20th:

20 May 2011 03:04 PM
Dear ------,

This email confirms that ACTION IS REQUIRED to continue receiving your product. Our records show that the credit card we have on file for the order detailed below is no longer processing correctly. This could be for a variety of reasons. To continue receiving your product, please enter a new credit card below or address the issue with your credit card company directly. We will attempt to rebill you in 7 days. If this billing fails, your order will be canceled.

You can still re-activate your Premium membership by visiting the Premium page and signing up again. If you need to access your site to get a backup, please let me know and I will arrange to give you temporary access.
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