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Listing of Webinars

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Listing of Webinars

I know Mark does a lot of live seminars and not everyone can make it all the time.
I cant see an area where they are all listed for listening to later.
can there be an area for this where they are all listed..
Sorry if there is an area then I couldn't see it... is there? where is it?

Also in my travels looking for a Request area, I came across something that said Updating Affilorama - need your help...
thought I would come back to it but cant even find that now.

I know something like this site can be a mammoth task to keep tidy, but just in the last half hour I have found it hard to find 2 or 3 things I was looking for...
so maybe a better Menu system would make it easier to navigate
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Is this what your after?
I don't think Mark loads all of them maybe due to server load or space.. but I do know if you register for the webinars.. that you sometimes get a replay link sent to you a day later.
Also, because some of the launches are time limited or bonus limited that Mark may not replay them..

also, I think support did ask us for opinions on improvements in the form of a poll but apart from that, I haven't seen any page that has a feedback form.
Are you talking about this thread...
Maybe email support and ask them?
Or they may see this post and reply.
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We are working on collating all the webinars on the site, and will let members know when this is ready.

You can use the Feedback button (which appears top left of every page on the site) to give suggestions/requests.

There is also a search box on every page (right hand side) that you should find really helpful for finding content, forum posts, or anything else :)
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