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Link Building Headache

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Link Building Headache

Hi Everybody!

I'm promoting dog training product which has a lot of other products attached to that vendor site, in content creation, I opt to display all those links on my home page, that done, won't it look confusing to visitor to my site?
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hey mike, for me, the home page is built to build trust and show people a little advice, and introduce them to what they will learn on my site. My primary focus is nnot to make a sale but to get them on my newsletter list. and introduce them to what they will learn though my site. I do more internal linking to my pages than to a product.
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Your Focus Determines Your Reality
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Hi Mike,

It's alright for you to put those links to your homepage. I think it's one of the best places to put your links so that it will be exposed to your visitors and there are more chances that you'll get a sale. But be sure that you present it in such manner that it is visible and it can be noticed by people.

Hope that helps.
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Hi MIKEJ3070,

Include links to your articles along with those links to products you are promoting/selling on your sidebar. This way you are offering value to the member by giving them further information that can help them.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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