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I thank you very much, James Pruitt, for your instant reply to my comment.
I understand your position very well now, but will again take this opportunity to demand for efficient ways of creating an effective newsletter list to attract visitors to buy.
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Keep it simple by only advertising one affiliate per page. If you have several products you want to rep that would require you to devote at least one page to each product.

It is probably a good idea to establish a product review page where the product is described stating the product's positive as well as negative attributes. Don't be too negative though. All products have a negative attribute.

You want your overall website appearance to be simple. A simple home page allows the first time visitor to fully understand the website's vision and goal. If the site is too complex the visitor will be confused as to the the sites purpose.

May I suggest you look into AffiloRama's AffiloBluePrint. There you will be given step-by-step instructions into building profitable affiliate websites. The course will adequately detail everything you need to know from website creation to PPC and adsense.

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one of the best ways is to look at other sites within your niche and look at how they are doing it. I do it differently in different niches. However, the basics are the same.

Create a simple product that helps solve a problem within your niche. you can do a short report or ebook, or do a 7 day :mini course, where you teach people how to solve a specific problem.. then offer it to them in exchange for them signing up to your email list.

set up an account with Aweber or another autoresponder service, and follow their steps to set up your newsletter sequence and sign up forms. (aweber has a step by step setup wizzard that walks you through everything to set up the list, create your messages, and create a sign up form to add to your site. )

the AB and AJP courses both teach you how to do all of that and set it up. it takes a lot of steps and I can't go through all of it in a simple forum post, but the basics are pretty simple.

You can use PLR products for your giveaway, although most of them aren't well written and you will want to do some rewriting to make it unique. I find cheap PLR stuff for just a few bucks, and it shortcuts the content creation process tremendously...

Really, there are loads of ways to set it up differently and it depends on your niche, and your own personal taste. best thing to do is look at what others in your niche are doing, and how they set theirs up. once you decide which way you want to do it, its easire to find out HOW to do it.
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