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lesson video froze up

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lesson video froze up

I was going over the first weeks videos a second time because I found 5 products to promote from Clickbank and just wanted to refresh some parts of the lessons.

I clicked on play and Alleta and Mark started talking and I wanted to hurry things up a bit so I clicked and dragged the video cursor button forward a bit ( I wanted the lesson on Traffic Travis) and the video stopped working, and all my efforts couldn't get it going again.

I went on to another video and dragged that cursor button and the same thing happened.

Obviously there is a problem doing this, any video I have ever watched (you tube, Google etc) I have always been able to do this, but here it is a problem and now I have 2 frozen videos on my hands.

I do this because I don't want to watch the whole video again but just the part I need help with.

Any suggestions : Larry
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Larry Bauge
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Hi Larry,
This happened to me as well when I first watched them.
I needed to download them to my PC first... then view them to forward them.
A you tube video is quite short and you can jump to a certain part...
But for these files on the Blueprint, you can not do that.
Well at least that's what I found anyway on my PC.

Hope that helps.
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I don't think it has a problem jumping to portions that have been buffered already (ie downloaded behind the scenes), but I've noticed problems with the player when jumping beyond a buffered point. Maybe just waiting for the video to be fully buffered (or at least buffered past the point you are wanting to "skip" to) might help.

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