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Keyword to content - does it vary depending on the niche?

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Keyword to content - does it vary depending on the niche?

Hi all,

This is my second post in a couple days.. Apologies if im asking stuff which has already been covered. I have found posts with related queries but havent found a response which has helped me..

Ok. Im working through AB and am at the point where I have to develop my first set of articles. The recommendation is to develop an article for every keyword phrase.. this all makes perfect sense if i have a niche which covers different subject matter - e.g getting pregnant or WoW etc..

The product I will be marketing is software - specifically Satellite TV on PC software. There are a number of products on Clickbank which seem to be doing really well. The problem i have is converting my keywords into different articles. All of the keyword phrases which i will try to rank for are pretty similar but just use different terminology e.g

satellite tv for pc software
PC satellite TV software

satelllite tv on computer
satellite tv for pc
watch TV on computer

Firstly, are the keywords what you would expect for this kind of niche or am i being to narrow in terms of my research. Most forums dedicated to satellite TV are all focused on hardware satellite products or Home AV operability issues so the need for such software rarely gets a mention. From what i can make out, people looking for such a product generally search using permutations of the above keyword phrases - but then again i could be wrong as I am only new to this.. .

So, if the keyword phrases ok, Im struggling on how to create 25+ unique articles when 80% of my keywords are in essence the same thing - some people search using the word PC while others use computer... or TV and television... etc.

To develop content, should I be looking at the keyword phrases with the highest search results and just building unique pages with the keyword in title then making sure i use all the permuations within that content? This would mean i only end up with about 10 pages of content in the end. Should i have 25 unique articles all saying the same thing? Would this look a little strange on the site?

Any help and advice would be really appreciated.

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Hi Peter, i'm kinda new also but if i were looking to watch sat tv on my pc i would probably google "watch satellite tv online" to find info and a site to get what i need. Just a thought. Sam
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Hi Peter,
This is a tricky one.
Sometimes the niche just does not have alot of keywords or when it does they are all very similar.
I would try to get related keywords and products and maybe use
http://adlab.microsoft.com/Keyword-Grou ... fault.aspx
Google keyword tool to search for similar related groups or products.
even Google wonder wheel can offer some good insight.
Go into the forums and see what people are talking about.
Go to Amazon for ideas.
You can also sell physical products on your site and give product reviews on each model number or program etc..

Hope that helps..
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