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Just wanted to Introduce Myself

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Just wanted to Introduce Myself

Hey Guys,
My name is Kyle and I am new to this site and forum. I have searched and searched the internet over for ways to make money online. Currently I am dabbling in paid surveys and am a full time student. In the past I have found affiliate marketing to be very hard, but I decided to give this a try because its free and it seems like a good site. I am 24 and honestly don't know where to begin. Any tips or suggestions for new people? Let me know!
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Hey Kyle,

Welcome to Affilorama :) You may want to start by watching the videos on the Introduction to Affiliate Marketing.

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Hey ,
Welcome to Affilorama.... Great to have you onboard
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Welcome to affilorama.

Follow the link above, and you;kk do fine.

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