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Just touching base

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Just touching base

Hi guys,

Haven't made my first sale yet. But I'm getting things together nicely. Congrats to all of you who are finding success.

Best of luck
P.S. There's no such thing as luck. I learned that luck is an acronym which means:
Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.

Thanks for that knowledge Mark and you guys in the forum.
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Good to hear you're enjoying the training - even without making a sale the information you learn at Affilorama is really valuable in itself.

Nice point about luck - best to try and make your own in this world!
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Good to hear things are coming together. As I've posted elsewhere, it's a matter of time and following the Blueprint to reach our own level of sucess.

Re your point on luck. To add to that, I'm reminded of the golfer Lee Trevino. For those of you old enough to remember him!
He hit a chip shot from a terrible position in thick grass way off the green.
Not only did he manage to get land the ball on the green, but it rolled perfectly across the full width of it and ran nic and gently slap bang in the middle of the hole.
A watching spectator said "Jeez, that was a lucky shot, Lee"
Trevino replied, "Funny that, the more I practice that shot, the luckier I get!"


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Onwards & Upwards, my fellow Affiliateers!

If you don't try, you'll always wonder why!
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Hi again guys
Do you know if the site www.needanarticle.com is another good source for content. Has anyone tried it. I know elance is the one of preference but just needed to know if this site was also alright.

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Hi Wendel,
I have heard they are ok.
Never used them myself though.
It is $9.95 per month and $6 to $10 per article, depending on how many words you need.
Hey, give them a try. If you don't like the first article you have your answer.
You can also look on Google for reviews on the sites service.

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