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Just Joined Affiliorama - My Introduction

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Just Joined Affiliorama - My Introduction

Hey guys, glad to be here and learn from Mark Ling. I joined after watching his webinar with Gauher Chaudhry and definitely learned a couple golden nuggets there. I also saw a couple pieces of his software in action and was very impressed with the functionality and ease of use.

I'm hoping he teaches some CPA marketing stuff as well and am looking forward to seeing him set up a site in the affiliate bootcamp training sessions. It definitely helps to see someone as they're going through all the steps instead of just reading them because sometimes crucial things can get left out.

Anyways, look forward to learning all I can here and I'm definitely going to stay longer than the 7 day trial.
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Hi Kev,
Welcome to Affilorama.
Mark mainly focuses on more affiliate marketing via blogs and websites etc...
But he does also give tips on CPA stuff, especially in some of the webinars he has done.
You can use the search function on the top right and search for CPA, that may help you out.

Kind Regards
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Hey Kev,

Welcome to affilorama.

You'll learn a lot here.
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Welcome to Affilorama. You will learn a lot here. Good luck and ask if you need help.
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HI its a great place to learn welcome
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