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Just got a ezinearticles mug the other day.

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Just got a ezinearticles mug the other day.

This is pretty cool. I got an ezinearticles mug filled with a pack of coffee and a drink coaster in the mail the other day. Feels kind of good. I wonder if I got it due to reaching platinum level membership? I've only got around 20+ articles on that site. Did you guys get something similar?
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some people do some people dont. I never got mine :(

oh well, small loss. Eza simply isnt worth the hassle anyway.
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I almost got mine. Unfortunately, my EZA account was registered under my pen name.

The mail man couldn't deliver the package so he left it at the post office. I couldn't ever pick it up because the package wasn't under my real name.

Oh well. I guess it's no big loss. It's just a mug.

(Now, if EZA would give me a pint glass on the other hand...)
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A laser etched frosty mug?
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