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Just a funny thing to me

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Just a funny thing to me

Hey everyone,
So I'm looking through google anylalytics seeing where I'm at (which is no where) and I see a search result for a keyword which I did not go for. So I look up my rankings on that keyword to see if I should persue it and find that I'm 3rd, which is great other than the fact that it has nobody looking for it, lol.

But just out of curiuosity or boredom one, I did a search on google for that keyword and I'm ranking 1st through 5th, all of them are the from the same article I spun and submitted to different article dirctories. It probably happens all the time but I'm new to this, I just thought it was funny.

I guess that means I spun that article well, huh. To bad I will probably get like 3 people a year off that keyword.

Good luck to all
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Yes, that happens a lot to me, too. I have web pages ranking very highly for keywords that I did not target. While it does not really help, I do not think it's a bad thing either.

It also struck me as funny. I guess I am never going to be able to figure out exactly how all these search engines work. The moment think I have it, they go and change their algorithms, etc. again.
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I find this happening all the time. about 50% of my search traffic comes through terms I am not even targeting, and often they only get one or two visitors on a given search term. '

I also often find myself ranking for keywords that I am targeting with pages that are not the ones targeting that term. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and take what you get. SEarch traffic is something that you really cannot control although you can influence it a litte by using seo tactics.
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This will always happen - you will get visits from related keywords that you don't target - often these are low searched for terms, and are picked up from your main keyword you are targeting, and a combination of random words on your page.

It can be useful, as just occasionally you get significant traffic from random longtails like this and you might even want to target them next time and try rank properly for them if they are bringing you sales.
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