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Is there ANY working rank tracking software now?

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Is there ANY working rank tracking software now?

I can't find any working rank tracking software. All of it just dies out after about 30 searches because of Google's new security where they do captchas after x amount of searches from the same IP.
Anyone using proxys or do anything to get around this? I haven't seen any ranking updates from my sites in the last 3 weeks, starting to frustrate me now because the traffic is bouncing too.
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I believe we are going to need to be patient while the programmers determine the code that will be productive providing the results we require.

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You can do the following if you have been temporarily blocked by Google while doing the search:

1) Reset your connection to generate a new IP and then try searching again.

2) Avoid simultaneous project updates/searches

3) Give at least 5 mins of interval before doing an update/search

4) Try a proxy service. Add at least 1-3 proxy accounts. This way the software will loop in the proxy list using it alternately to prevent the blocking you are experiencing. The more proxies the better.

You could get free proxies here: http://tools.rosinstrument.com/proxy

You may also try the paid proxy shown in TTV4 ( http://www.traffictravis.com/redirect/proxies ).

Hope that helps! :)
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