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Is Patience Necessary for an Affiliate?

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Is Patience Necessary for an Affiliate?

I feel that an affiliate should have loads of patience to see good results flowing from his or her program. It may take quite some time for the results to move in but the affiliate has to show great temperament and determination to succeed. Any comments?
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Yeah, especially if you're using something slow like SEO to get traffic.

If you're not afraid to move fast, and maybe lose a little money learning, paid advertising can work well for you too.
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You need boatloads of patience if you are just starting in affiliate marketing. There are plenty of things to learn, and you can easily run out of patience when faced with various challenges.

As you move along, you need more focus and patience because certain tasks take time. As Clayton mentioned, SEO takes time so you really need to be patient. The same goes with writing. Unless you are a gifted writer, then writing can take an hour to a couple.

There are ways to expedite things, but they cost extra. Even then, you will still need to wait a bit to see results.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I have to agree with everyone else. Affiliate marketing is getting tougher, especially in the early stages. More and more, it is being about building yourself as an authority figure in your niche, which takes time and a lot of work to build.
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