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Is it okay to put all articles on one page?

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Is it okay to put all articles on one page?

Is it harder to rank a small sniper-like site where all of your articles/keywords are on one page? I'm talking about these small sites that have like five or six articles all on the homepage, one after another like a blog. Anybody know how they compare to authority sites as far as ranking your articles go? Since all of your articles are on one page (the home page) I thought it might work against you when it comes to ranking.

I want to do a small site like that instead of an authority site, but what concerns me is that with an authority site you would have every article on it's own page which would give you the chance to rank for each one.

I did use some SEO tools to analyze one of these small sites. I found the keywords they were using in each article and they are ranking pretty well for most of their keywords, but since all of their articles are on the home page, that is the page that's getting ranked over and over for the keywords in all six articles.

One of the on-page seo things that I thought we're suppose to do is get our keywords in the h1 tags, but on these sniper sites all of the article titles are in h2 tags. Is that problem? Would that effect your rankings?
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This will affect your rankings possibly for good short term as there is a lot of content and related keywords, and long term it could be pushed down by larger, more robust sites.

What matters more is, if you have one big page with all kinds of keywords, it will not be entirely relevant to what the user is searching for and you will hurt conversions. The power of search traffic is getting a user that is searching for a very specific term and then presenting them with EXACTLY the information that they are looking for.
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There is no reason why you cannot make a small site with a separate article on each page. It works great for me.

Like Esolutions said, it makes it possible to focus your h1, title, etc. on what the page is specifically targeting for a keyword.

Google ranks 'pages' not 'sites' so separating the pages also gives you more chances at ranking on the first page of search results.
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