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Is Guest Posting Dead?

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Is Guest Posting Dead?

I just stumbled on this article:

What do you think? Does this mean that guest posting for SEO is no longer any good?
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I don't think guest posting is dead .. it could be that Google is treating it other way but guest posting will always give traffic if not ranking....
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Ultimately, this is why we can’t have nice things in the SEO space: a trend starts out as authentic. Then more and more people pile on until only the barest trace of legitimate behavior remains. We’ve reached the point in the downward spiral where people are hawking “guest post outsourcing” and writing articles about “how to automate guest blogging.”

This part is absolutely true. It has reached this point all across the net, not just in guest blogging. Guest blogging happens to be a more recent venue. Personally, I think that people should have stuck with guest blogs done only by those that they could "personally vouch for," from the beginning. If done in this way, guest blogging would be beneficial to all involved, but if done in the spammy way that the article highlights, it will be a benefit to no one & only cause damage. People are so eager to make a buck online, at home, that they sometimes forget about the most important things. The most important things are that you have something good to offer your reader/visitor, your relationship with them is genuine, & trust that your online communications are not less than any real life communications would be. I would not ever pay to have someone guest blog for me that I'd only just met through a sketchy email (no matter what their promise for the benefit of my business), just as I would not hand over the advertising of an actual, physical store to anyone that I'd just met walking through the door.

On the other hand, you cannot say that guest posting is dead completely, because if I happened to be friends with someone that was really good at advertising & we both thought that we could gain from them doing a guest post...well...of course we would go for it! It's all in how you go about it!
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There's a difference between writing for another person's blog and having your articles published on spammy guest post article directories. Maybe Google is being a little heavy handed by classing any guest post in the way as they would an article directory. Over time, when the fury dies down, we can all get back to posting relevant content on other people's site. If you are posting for the right reasons, that is to inform your readers and also to generate traffic, then you will always produce the highest quality article and never have to worry about any Google penalty.
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