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Is free Google traffic enough?

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Is free Google traffic enough?

Hey guys,

Quick question. Is free Google traffic enough to maintain a high traffic website that brings in some good $100-500 a week? This is with a good affiliate page with a targeted and converting keyword.

Or is PPC/email marketing a must to be up there with the big boys?

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I think it is very doable.

Find something that all ready converts well with a decent commision, and plenty of long tail keywords to taget.

I wouldn't mess with PPC; tracking and split testing will wear you out. SEO is almost fun when you are in the grove, and wtching your pages climb up in the serps.

Save list building for later if you want.

Listen to this recording. It will really give you some ideas.

Good luck!
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J.C. Dean
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Yes, it's possible. I actually saw a post from a member who's earning at least 1K a month from her Affiloblueprint sites on organic traffic.
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I never do PPC or any paid traffic myself, at least, not yet. IMy sites are doing very well on organic traffic and email marketing. I am not making a fortune but I get enough for some nice extras like better hotel rooms and restaurants when we travel :)
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I have to agree with everyone here, although I don't rely on Google for all my traffic, they can be a great source of traffic. The problem I have with it is the whole "all your eggs in one basket" mentality.
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