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Is Affilorama what I need to earn some extra money?

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Is Affilorama what I need to earn some extra money?

I hope I am posting this in the right area...if not forgive me. I am considering starting up in the Affiliate arena. I have been doing some research and am completely overwhelmed. My goal/need right now is just to earn some extra money. I have no desire to quit my "other" job as I own a web design/hosting and SEO company which I love doing. However, due to the fact that the economy is not the greatest right I have seen a decrease in business. Many clients are trying their hand at doing the above services in house and they are also "cutting back".
If possible I would like to build a whole new site devoted to this but am not sure what road to take. Can I do this part time and still make it worth my while?
This site seems very helpful and straight forward. Any words of encouragement or help is much appreciated.
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Welcome to the Affilorama forum and yep the hangout category is a good place for anything general.

Affilorama, and the 12-week AffiloBlueprint course are designed to teach some really good, down-to-earth fundamentals of online marketing that can be applied to any web business. The goal of the course is really about building a site that earns about $50/week within 3 months, and scale it from there.

There are also the free lessons and the forum for plenty of advice you can use.
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Like gidget26, I too am completely new to affiliate marketing including all the language, and have that same overwhelming feeling of information overload - that's not to say I'm not enjoying reading and learning.

My problem is - I need to get my show on the road NOW as I don't have an "other" job to go to. It would be great to start earning now, and yes even $50 a week would be a huge help. So Mark, lead the way...I'm looking forward to the journey !!!
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Hi There, I have been in MLM for over 2 years and guess what, I am not making the big bucks (shocking isn't it) I am making a decent income on the sales of my products, bringing in business partners is not what I want to do. I want to enrich lives with product knowledge and I think that affilorama may be the key, any thoughts from oldies for the newbies on this?
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Contrary to what many programs will say, affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick business. Many people go months without making any sales. The great thing is, if you do it well, it hits a point where it snowballs. it will seem that nothing is working and overnight everything snowballs.

Be patient. Work hard and it will all pay off. Some people will see sales within days, and some will take months, but in the long term you can succeed if you keep at it.
Good Luck, and ask any questions you may have.
The important thing is to take action every day. Once you learn something , do it. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was from Mark. Spend more time taking action and less time learning something new.
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