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Inverse keywords in domain name

teresa fernandez
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Inverse keywords in domain name

Hi all,

My team and I are thinking of going into a new niche and we´ve spotted a high traffic keyword but of course all domain names are taken but we noticed one free domain.

Say the keyword that has lots of traffic that we want is : cheap mobile and cheapmobile.com , cheapmobile.co.uk and so on are all taken.

How about getting the domain : mobilecheap.com ? Would this domain work if we want to rank top for : cheap mobile ??

As broad match, Google Keyword tool states that both, cheap mobile and mobile cheap, have the same search volume but when checking for Excat match there´s a massive difference. Cheap mobile has 70K+ but mobile cheap has only 22.

Has anyone tried this before? Would it work?

Thanks in advance,

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Why not try "cheap-mobile.com" or "mobile-cheap.com"?
"cheapmobile" and "mobilecheap" are not dictionary words, but with hyphens they become dictionary words (Google can parse them) then the word order might be less critical.

You might have to find other non-hyphentaed domains that would be easier for people to remember and 301 redirect them to your hyphenated versions - which you would use for your actual site.

Hope this helps...
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You'd want your keywords to be in your domain so you can try getting long tail keywords like GetCheapMobile or MyCheapMobile. I haven't checked if these domains are available but these are just to give you an idea.

Also, if you are unable to find a domain name that contains your keywords, then settle for something that is interesting and easy to remember. While it helps to have your keywords in the domain name, it is not essential. So don't twist yourself getting your keywords in your domain name. The following articles might help:

How do I choose a domain name?
How to avoid losing traffic from a poorly chosen domain name

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I have read many niche development article and you have found a new possibility on domain. What we are doing is using domainhq.com or domaindb.com to make sure the domain and keywords are there. However, your new concept is a good starting point for a testing in ranking.
If i were you, i will test that domain.
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As a general rule, having your keywords in the domain is more a "nice to have", rather than a necessity - general consensus is that it's not super important from an SEO perspective, but it's useful for letting humans know what your site is about at a glance.

Because of this, here's a few key "what *not* to do"s:
- Don't use trademarked names. At best, it restricts your site to a specific product, at worst it leads to lawsuits. Check http://uspto.gov if you're unsure
- Don't use Hard to spell names. Sure, "epic-misspellings.com" might seem like an awesome domain name, until you realize no-one can get to your site, because they're all misspelling "misspelling".
- Don't use strange words and purposeful misspellings. "Clevvr.com" seems clever, until you have to explain for the thousandth time over the phone that it's spelled with an extra 'v' instead of an 'e'.

In terms of using hyphenated names, hyphens are okay, but be aware that if a non-hyphenated version of a domain name is already taken, it may also be trademarked... so don't just up and register the hyphenated version, or you could find yourself on the wrong end of the Trademark stick. It always pays to double-check first.

So, conversely, keywords or not, try to pick something that is unique, easy-to-spell, easy-to-remember and describes your site. Beyond that, the SEO benefit is largely negligible. So, in this particular case, Teresa, your original question about using 'mobilecheap.com' would be perfectly fine, if you were trying to rank for 'cheap mobile'.
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When looking at domains, I try to find something Brandable. My IM site is IMRelations. that isn't a keyword. Neither is Affilorama... (well, okay, now it is because of their branding....) Keyword optimized domains are short term benefits not long term. it will give a slight boost early on to your SEO, but over time it won't really count for much. Link building and link authority will outperform a keyword rich domain every day of the week.

If you really want keyword domains though, one trick I have used is to add numbers to it. often these aren't taken. For example, you might look at cheapmobile1.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you are branding your business and your target customer through your domain. Cheap is a bad keyword in my opinion (its on my top 10 list of keywords to avoid) because people who are out for cheap rarely become big ticket buyers. you aren't going to get rich hocking cheap stuff to people who don't really value what you have to offer.

I had to learn that one the hard way.

Just my 2 cents worth anyway...
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