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Internet Marketing Predictions

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Internet Marketing Predictions

Find this all quite intriguing, what do you think peoples?


Would like to read just out of interest, it's quite a cheapy, reckon I should just get and to hang with the consequences? :wink:
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We both spent the last 18 months trying all of these things. I too made predictions that have come true and got paid $1500 an hour to tell seminars of sales people how product would move without sales teams through the Internet. There are many ways of creating wealth on the Internet - both legal and illegal, promoting, reselling, MLM etc etc.

The one underlying truth is -

Every one of these ads has some element of truth in them but the pitfall is; you will divert to this great new system and before you finish it, another greater newer system will present itself. You will sit down 18 months later and (like us), be no nearer than you are today.

It's not how great the idea is - it's how much of the great idea you do.

So far Marks system is the only one that says do this - then this - then ...
and call me if you have problems. It doesn't matter how good it is - if it stops you from doing a proven system you have already started - it's no good for you.

Sound interesting but I'll pass this one by.
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Yeah I agree with mimenta. Could have some useful info, but could also throw you off your plan here. If you stick to what Mark's on about, you'll be ok.
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