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Internet Marketing is a Skill

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Internet Marketing is a Skill

Like all skills, they can be learned. You have to be willing to learn new skills, moving out of your comfort zone.

It is a business, and you will have to work on your business. It does take time, most people fail in this business because they don't see immediate results.

Take on the mind set that you can do this, learn new skills, work on your business, and you will be on your way to becoming an internet marketer.
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It is also an in demand skill. We're living in a digital world where majority of the things we're using were made by technology. :D
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Yes, Internet marketing is best and important for increasing the business online . Some skills of internet marketing like Search engine Optimization, E-mail marketing, Pay per click marketing , Blogging and social media marketing etc. Now a days It is very demanding skill.
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Yes, it definitely...Internet Marketing is always changing, just like any other business..You need to be constantly abreast of the changes if you want to stay relevant.
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One thing I have noticed after poring over the forum is there's more focus given to technical skills, like website building, content building, SEO, use of different social media etc, but there's little to no mention of understanding our target market - our customers.

I think traditional marketing's way of market profiling should still be practiced in Internet marketing so as not to waste time, money and effort. Traffic is good but it would not make any sense if no one is buying, right?

Our site could have 10000 daily visitors, but what if they are not our target market? What if our visitors are looking for a quick cure to acne but the site is about being healthy?

Understanding our market would help us choose a better niche and create more effective keywords.

Just my two cents. Good luck to us all. Let's do this! :)
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