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Internet Marketing, A bird's eyeview

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Internet Marketing, A bird's eyeview

After dabbling and observing IM for a bit, I figured out (plain and simple) what Internet Marketing is about.

1. What do you know. Sell it.

A) If you're an expert in something...
Eg. If you're good at painting, you can sell your products teaching people how to paint like this guy http://www.watercoloursecrets.com

Eg. If you're good in English language, you can sell your products teaching people how to speak fluent English like this guy (BROKEN LINK)

These people are experts in their own field, utilising the skills of internet marketing.

Notice how they market carefully.

B) If you're not an expert in anything.... but have an avid interest in something
This is where affiliate marketing comes in.

Eg. If you're health conscious, you probably read alot of health articles so you know something about good health or cure for a certain ailment. You can write about it and why not recommend some products. Eg. http://www.treatment-for-hemorrhoids.org

You don't have to be an expert to recommend something. Are you an expert when you recommend a certain brand of products or a restaurant in some street to a neighbour or colleague ?

You can definitely write your opinions on a blog and recommend stuffs pertaining to your interest.

C) If you're not an expert in anything.... and do not have an interest in anything....
Learn something. Read about it. Know the Jargon. Get accustom to it. If you're gonna recommend any products you need to know something about the market. Its best that you learn abt something that interest you else its gonna be painful to feed your brain with stuffs that bore you to death.

2. So you know what you know. Is it profitable ?
Market research. Is people even interested in what you're peddling ? No? Get educated on a market that is in demand. Return to point 1.

3. Then learn about the technical aspect of marketing (people get info overload here)
List Building, SEO, PPC, Viral Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Marketing, Link Building, Traffic Generation, Affiliate Marketing, Social Bookmarking, Blogging, Traffic Exchange, Video Marketing, Google Adsense, Forum Marketing…
All these can be outsourced.

4. Advanced Tactics. Learn about consumer psychology and persuasion tactics.
This is what an Internet Marketer should really be concerned about. This is where you can make it big time.

PS: Get clear about this concept of internet marketing and everything will make sense.

PPS: There are 2 kinds of internet marketing out there (my opinion)
1. Eg. dog training, golf, weight loss sites...etc
Your target is normal consumer in that specific market.

2. Make money online
Your target is Internet Marketers. Means Internet Marketers(usually veteran) selling to Internet Markerters (usually
newbie). A kind of dog fight arena, however, there is a constant surge of demand as people are very thirsty here.

3 principles from Mark Joyner (Godfather of Internet Marketing) in his book, The Irresistable Offer:
1. Find a thirsty crowd.
2. Sell them a cup
3. Sell them a 2nd cup.
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I really see what Internet Marketing is about when I read this. It's very well put together and every word is true! I think everyone has a niche, it's just a matter of putting it together and knowing how to profit from it. I know I'm going to enjoy this!
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Approach internet marketing like studying the different subjects in schools, do assignments and practice alot. It will not fail you.
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Never seem to finish setting up your website or sales funnel ? Problem selling Clickbank products ? Confused about technical details ? Read my blog for a solution - http://martg.cbpirateblog.com You'll be glad you did.
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Hey great post!

I think many people develop tunnel vision with Internet Marketing (IM). They get introduced to the industry by being wooed by the promises of big money. What they don't realise is making money is the least fulfilling part of it all (in my opinion). So they get involved in the industry for the wrong reasons...

What IS great about IM is that you can share a passion you have, add value to the world with massive leverage (free distribution) that didn't even exist 15 years ago.

IM isn't just about making money. In fact, money is only one of many rewards that you can experience by doing IM or any business. The truly fulfilling rewards are the gratitude you get from other people when you have helped them solve a problem.

I think if people can simply make that 'shift' in their heads from 'wanting to get rich', to 'wanting to help other people solve their problems' as a result they will become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.. and not just financially.
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Hi great article I am new her e but not to marketing and I like your article and have seen this Idea of doing what you like and let the money happen work before. That is something I am working on product creating.
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