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Internal Links - any rules or recommendations?

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Internal Links - any rules or recommendations?

I'm writing my articles and it seems like one article just seems to naturally lead to another. And I know that I can use internal links to link one article/page to another, but I was just wondering if there is a right and wrong way of doing that. Any recommendations on internal linking?

I was thinking that if I had 10 articles for example and article 1 links to article 2, and article 2 links to article 3, and article 3 links to article 4, and article 4 links to article 5, and so on. That's probably not the best way to do to it huh?
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You are on the right track. As long as it appears natural and they are relevant it's actually good for SEO purposes. One or two links per article is ok.
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Hi Kurt,

There is no wrong way of doing it. Just have a look at wikipedia. It has so many, countless internal links and has been doing very, very well in the search engines since the last updates as it gives the visitors so many choices of visiting other content on its site which Google loves.

What I like to do is place between 2 - 4 internal links per article on my websites. It all depends if the anchor text fits the article I am linking to or if there is a keyword variation in one article that can be easily used to link to another one on my site.

Acutally I dont care in which order I link from one article to another as long as every article links at least to another article and also receives one from another article

Hope that helped

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Hi Kurt,

You would want to link articles on your site that are related. For example, if your site is on the weight loss niche and you have an article that talks about losing weight through proper diet, then you can link it to another article that lists all the popular diet plans.

There's really no right way to do it, but I think that giving your users a good experience in navigating your site is what you need to keep in mind when inter-linking articles.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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You doing correct way. Your way is suitable until you do this in an ethical way. You may also do link your blog page to your article page if your blog is provides relevant information with your article content.

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Seems right, as long as none of your pages becomes a bridge page with too many outgoing links.
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I am not a big fan of linking article 1 to article 2 and article 2 to article 3 and so on, to me it makes it seem like it is just one big long article spread over many pages. What I do is I have many articles that point to many other pages because in the article I will mention something in the other article that is relevant to the one they are reading.

For example when Cecille was talking about a weight loss site , maybe there is an article about diet but in the diet article she mentions something about exercise she likes and that could be used as a link to an article you have about a specific exercise that you like to do.

Also in the same diet article you may mention something about a supplement which could be a link to an article on your site about supplements. When I put my sites together I just write the articles for the site then i go back and read everything over again and see if I already have something in each article that can be tied to another article or if I could put in a sentence that flows with the article that I can use as a link to another.

As I said I find it easier to do this after most things are done that way you can read everything and see if wording is already in place that works or if I can put wording in that fits which can be used as a link to something else. After you do it a few times it becomes easy to spot and to do.
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