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In need of a registry cleaner

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In need of a registry cleaner

Hi guys

I posted this question a while back and another member suggested a free cleaner (I love free) and I used this free version and still having problems. When I asked another question recently Aletta said my computer is lazy LOL

I searched online for a cleaner, but every time I find one then I go and read reviews on them only to find that they are scams.

I had one pop up on my PC "Uniblue.com" and then went and read a review and again it is a scam,

I even saw one advertised on TV while I was watching the Olympics and I had a plate of food on my lap with no pen or paper near by so I thought I would just try and remember it, but after the hockey game was over I totally forgot it.

Does anyone know of a legitimate registry cleaner I can get ( I will check it out ) because everything I look at has so many scam reviews written about them and I am getting a little frustrated.

Thanks Larry
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Larry Bauge
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I use this : piriform.com/ccleaner

It's free and cleans more than just the registry. It will also delete all those Flash cookies that affiliates use too that are not deleted when you clean up ordinary cookies.

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The comments on this thread might be helpful:
Does anyone know a good Registry Cleaner
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Customer Support


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Hey Larry,
I'm not sure what your problem is with your computer but I used RegCure for a year and it's not a scam... but you might want to try Webroot spy sweeper that seem to cure a lot of problems on my last computer, I also know that Spy sweeper is used by computer techs, just don't let it run on start up because it runs it's scans and it takes a while, so just run it manually . Hope this helps
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What makes you think you need a registry cleaner, Larry?

Lazy computer is like a lazy brain... everyone has one, you just need to remember to give it a kick up the bum sometimes!
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Dear Larry,

It's Hilary here from Uniblue. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and can assure you that our products are reputable, and have been reviewed by many IT magazines, sites like PCWorld etc.

You can read some of the reviews of RegistryBooster 2010 here: http://www.uniblue.com/software/registr ... r/reviews/
The most recent review was done by Overclockersclub.com - they are a site of special interest for advanced PC users who are specialists in PC performance. Their reviewer bench-tested RegistryBooster 2010 and you can see the results of their tests here: http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews ... 2010/4.htm

Although we have a very successful affiliate program - affiliate sales increased by 200% last year (see press release here: http://www.liutilities.com/news/pressrelease/release80/) the sites that have reviewed RegistryBooster recently are not affiliates and these reviews are independent.

If you have any more questions about Uniblue, our software or the Uniblue affiliate program, please email me: hilaryr@uniblue.com

Kind Regards
Hilary Rogers
PR manager
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