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If you manage outsourced workers remotely, my software can h

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If you manage outsourced workers remotely, my software can h

Hey guys,

I'm working on a piece of software called HiveDesk
(http://www.hivedesk.com). HiveDesk is a solution for people who
outsource and have remote workers to manage. It helps by saving time,
money, and increasing productivity by increasing the information
available to you. It works by having the worker install and use our
desktop software which automatically tracks time worked (for hourly
billing) and sends screenshot updates every 10 minutes. This helps
keep you in the loop in terms of progress, and keeps your workers
honest because they can't lie or fake hours on your dime.

Using it is simple; you create a project and add workers. Those
workers then "check-in" while they are working and the software will
automatically take screenshots and upload them to the project
dashboard. The software will automatically calculate time worked, idle
time, mouse and keyboard activity levels, etc.

The software is in early beta testing, so bugs are to be expected. But
we have a lot of ideas on the backburner and ready to take your
suggestions and feedback.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!
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Wow I'm going to have to look into this. Exactly what I've been looking for, assuming it works. ;) Thanks for letting us know!
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For anybody looking into this also check out www.rescuetime.com .
They also have a free trial version (forever when you choose to), when you have a team (min.2) they charge you something monthly (I believe starting with 24$/month). I am using this and it's working great. And I don't make money by recommending this! Rescuetime is a proven solution and working really great, so highly recommended.
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Yeh rescuetime is good if you want to measure your own productivity, I don't really find it effective with staff though. :)
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