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If you had to start again - what would you do differently?

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If you had to start again - what would you do differently?


I'm new to all this - only just signed up and currently, after doing a fair bit of reading, I'm trying to find a niche to try out. Right now I'm struggling with that - but I'm trying to come up with a niche relating to my interests.

So, a question for the more successful/experienced affiliate marketers out there:

Can you help me avoid any well-known pitfalls by telling telling me what 2 or 3 things would you do differently, if you were to go back and start it all over again?

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My advice to anyone just starting out would be to find one product or service that you are truly passionate about and promote it with all your heart, rather than just jumping from one to another trying to make sales. The shiny object syndrome has slowed down more than one would be success.
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I've been doing online marketing since 2008. But I didn't start out doing any affiliate anything--and affiliate marketing is not my main thing; it's what I'm slowly building to and have had very, very, moderate success. What I've had great success with is using internet marketing for my main (service) business.

Affiliate marketing is just a subset of internet marketing----keeping this in mind, I can personally vouch for what zoe.j.summers has warned you about. And, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has suffered from it.

Following every new shiny object will take away your focus from anything you market, whether it's something you love or something that you're just doing because you think it's what will bring you money even if you don't care for it.
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kitty moby
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1.Choose one product you are familiar with.
2. Choose a trustworthy traffic network and try to promote your product with all your heart.
3. Persist in split testing and optimizing.
4.Good luck to u.
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