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Idle Hands - How to stay on track and never give up

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Idle Hands - How to stay on track and never give up

I recently made a post here promoting a free tool for link building called FreeTrafficStystem. While this post isn't about that program you should understand that FreeTrafficSystem is a free alternative to AMA. You submit spun articles and they are posted on the content network and blogs to gain back links for your site.

I was amazed to find that 32 people signed up to use this free tool under my link.Should someone decided to upgrade I would make a commission off that as an affiliate sale. The free tool works great as it is and I only introduced the tool to this site to help you rather then myself.

Out of the 32 people who signed up I was amazed to find only 10 of those people are actually using the tool. Which brings me to point of this post. 32 People signed up with good intentions but less then 1/3 of those people actually used the tool the their advantage. One person actually submitted 100+ articles in the first week that they signed up for it. As we don't know these peoples actual sales numbers we can speculate that the person who submitted 100 articles is dedicated and serious about their business. While someone who signed up but never used the tool had good intentions but lacked the motivation/time to use it.

A lot of gurus including Mark will tell you about the affiliate burn out or information overload. Mark has a phrase for it but it escapes me at this time.

How can you as a marketer overcome this problem? While there are even more tools which are free and ones which you can purchase I find the thing that works best for me is a note book.

Before I start a project I write down the steps I will need to complete that project much like this:

1. Build Site
a. get banner graphic
b. get domain name
c. upload wordpress
d. ect.
2. Build back links
a. forum posts
b. spin articles

You get the idea. I try to brake things down into bite sized pieces. Then every day when I sit down at the computer I choose one of those things to do. If I get on a role I might get 5 or 6 things done but as long as I get one thing done each day I know I am working towards my goal.

I never feel a project is finished I always find better ways to do things but you can't spend forever on the same site. Every week I try and set one day aside where I will update old projects. I keep a list in my note book of ideas for my old sites and things I would like to do to them. I try not to get too wrapped up in this but It is great to implement new things to not only make more money on your older sites but to also learn new things.

Information overload is a tough thing to deal with. If you are like me you watch Mark do webinar and all the sudden you are thinking of ways to build off a new technique. This isn't a bad thing but. Write these ideas down. Make a note of the url of the webinar/audio or whatever and try it for your next project but never ever ever drop a project for something new before you have completed your plan for that project.

Moving forward is always the key and to do that you gotta have a plan. Stick to the plan and you will make money and learn. 90% of the affiliate guides out there work... the only reason people fail at them is because they give up.

If you have ever heard the idea that if you are always thinking about what to say next in a conversation you never listen to whats already being said you can apply that to this. If you are always thinking about the next big thing you never focus on what you are suppose to be doing right now.

While I'm not a marketing millionaire as of yet I know I will get there because I refuse to quit. My parents and friends actually think I'm involved in some kind of pyramid scam. While you and I know that internet marketing is a legit career and can be very lucrative they don't understand it which if you think about it is pretty cool. Less competition! ( that's my positive spin on my not so positive friends and family :P )

I hope this inspires some of you and helps others.

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tangoshoes wrote:My parents and friends actually think I'm involved in some kind of pyramid scam.

LOL! Me too!

Good advice, and I hope people can learn from it. It took me almost 3 months before all the SEO I've been doing kicked in. Fortunately for me, I am a typical stubborn and hard-headed Taurus.

I've found it is very motivating to remind yourself of all the people that have come before you and have enjoyed the success you want. I love reading through the success stories here. They got me through those first few months. I really believe that if one person can do something (make good money doing this), then so can you.


PS: Thanks for sharing FTS with us. I recently started incorporating it into my backlink plan.
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Thanks for sharing Amanda.

Like you and Clayton I've found explaining to people what we do is one of the hardest things! I recently made the mistake of trying to explain to my boss what I do.

He said "so you sell dodgy spam products and send people [word banned] emails".

Ironically, he claims to be a master marketer and I'm sure he'd do very well if things were still like Glengarry Glen Ross

The guys at PLRPro used to have a great spreadsheet for building 24 sites in 12 months and it showed you exactly what task to do on a daily basis. Personally I need these kind of things.

I haven't tried your free AMA alternative yet. I'm already paying for AMA so I use that.

Anyway, better go. I have a million [word banned] emails to send this morning.

- Keith
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Absolutely great post...and very timely as many people give up on their New Years' resolutions. Check out He's got a great video on "sticking to it."

We all have our systems. Mine is very "old school" and makes IT geeks cringe. I have a big dry erase board in front of my desk and I simply list everything I need to accomplish for the week on that board, checking them off, one-by-one, as I do so. I need it right there in front of me, staring me in the face, reminding me every moment of what i still need to accomplish before the week is over.

I love the act of checking things off. It's a great feeling knowing you've gotten something accomplished. The hardest part is erasing it and starting over at the end of the week with a new list. I'm so proud of my accomplishments, that I want to leave it there to admire like a work of art. What a dork!

What lets me down is when silly things get in the way of my goals. Such as FTS not working and I HATE WHEN SERVICES IGNORE THEIR SUPPORT TICKETS!!! Sooo many of these systems do it and it is so frustrating that people may want to give up. Combine too much info, services and systems newbies may not understand, systems that do not work properly and no one to offer help, and yes, people will get discouraged. Best we can do is stick to our plan, write down new ideas as they come along as you said and keep moving forward.
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Dinofly wrote:Absolutely great post...and very timely as many people give up on their New Years' resolutions. Check out He's got a great video on "sticking to it."

Thanks for sharing this video with us. I love Tony Robbins. I recently purchased some of his audio recordings. I have a hard time sticking with stuff that's for sure! Listening to Tony gets me motivated!
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Hi Amanda

I needed that (great post)

I'm doggedly staying with it, but I have too many negative things going on around me (I moved in with my daughter, son in law and 3 grand kids to help them through a tough financial crisis which ate up most of my savings)

I thought that they would do this with me but they think it's nothing but scams and a waste of time.

At times when I get stuck on something technical I do feel down and I feel like a pest in the forum with too many posts that I submit, and I can't talk to anyone in the family (here or elsewhere) about it because they think I'm wasting my time.

The light at the end of the tunnel for me is when I can finally show them that this works, but I have to stay focused which is sometimes my Mt. Everest.

I will sometimes go a day or two without doing anything on my site because my mind set is in the gutter, but eventually I push myself to sit down in front of the computer and get to work and feel a lot better for it.

It's great to that you showed me another free tool to use because right now AMA would be very expensive to use because it's probably going be another month or two before I complete my web site and AMA is a monthly charge which I wouldn't be taking advantage of until after my web site is completed.

Tony Robbins is great but he doesn't do anything for me at the moment, I need to hear from real people (yes Tony is Real lol) but members such as yourself do more for me for motivation because we are in the same line of work.

Great Post Amanda : Larry
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Larry Bauge
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marymeagan wrote:I thought that they would do this with me but they think it's nothing but scams and a waste of time.

Thanks for your post Larry! I can't tell you how many friends and family members I've said "Hey look can you write some stuff for me? I can PAY you!" and they laugh in my face. I live in Michigan and the economy here is awful... I don't know anyone who isn't in a bad situation and could use the money. It's funny how people are.... they have no confidence in themselves!

I go days just checking my click bank stats going "*sighhhhhhh* I wish I had more hits" but yet I don't do anything with my sites. Finlay I kick my butt about it so much I get to work on things and get back on track. It's hard.... we are pretty much told from birth that there is a certain way things are done... you either get a job and work 40 hours a week until you die or you go to the bank get a loan and get a physical business going. Today things are changing so fast.... I think my brother and sister (8 and 11 years old) actually understand how my business works better then my parents!

I kinda view this like I view quitting smoking... if you never stop trying to quit eventually you will quit. If you never give up putting content on the web ... eventually you will be making consistent money.

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