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I still have no idea which topic to choose

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I still have no idea which topic to choose

Hi people.
Wondering will some1 help.
I have learned alot over the last few months, maybe a little 2 much, buut still no clear direction to go in.
I would love for some1 to hold my hand and walk me through a VERY simple task,
Most videos on this site are very good, but dont you think its sending ur miind around and around,
I heared the saying before there are just to many options .YES
Can any 1 help or is it true, no 1 will help you completly, becasue internet marketers are worried that you will steel the business,lol,come on people. help one and another please/
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Welcome to Affilorama, Septus86 :)

Affiloblueprint is a great step-by-step guide in building your affiliate website. But the free lessons contains all the basics you need to know to start making money as an affiliate.

It would be best to start with the lessons on the Introduction to affiliate marketing. After the introduction, you need to choose a profitable niche, do market research and build your keyword list. These are discussed in Market Research.

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Want a step-by-step training program in affiliate marketing? Affiloblueprint is a "hand-holding" course that will will show you how to build a site, drive traffic to it, and monetize it.

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Hi Steve,

First off, let me say that the economic pie is unlimited. The more people in the marketplace the greater the size of the economic pie. Capitalist activity feeds capitalism causing economic activity to grow exponentially.

Now that being said you have a problem no one can assist with until you make a decision and begin action. An immovable object is difficult to move. An object in motion can easily be adjusted to a successful conclusion. This being true, you will need to start an action so that we, the forum, can assist advise and help along your journey to success.

Michellarana provided an excellent suggestion to follow Affiloblueprint. This is an excellent well thought out road map that will bring you to a successful out come. However, from your questions and statements I feel your problem has not been covered.

I have been an educator most of my life. Through this career with children I have learned that many children have been taught through being overly corrected to fear making a decision and possibly a mistake.

If this is your fear you need to know that there is no wrong decision. All paths in motion can be changed and easily modified. It is getting things in motion that is difficult. You need to choose the path and act upon it. There are people in the forum who will assist you in your journey when problems are encountered.

Affiloblueprint is an excellent roadmap. Follow the suggestions carefully. Yes there are hundreds or thousands of total possibilities. This is what makes the world great, wonderful and beautiful. You have interests choose something that meets your interests. Later you will be able to diversify and create new interests, but for now find something you will enjoy spending your time creating.

I hope this has been of some value. Start somewhere. Start today.

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If choosing your topic is still a struggle, I want you to think of what you like. Something that you are really interested in. Maybe something like singing? Playing the piano? Playing the guitar? Or writing essays? You can actually start with something that you like and then research if there are products related to it and if there is a demand for such products.
You can refer to the lessons at http://www.affilorama.com/market-research on how to do market research.
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The videos on this site are great but if you want to earn real money online, I would suggest you the AffiloBlue Print.
Its costs just under $200 bucks and the lessons are great for anyone starting out.
We have lots of success stories here.
Selecting a topic is crucial and the Blueprint will help you get one!
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I'm not here to sell you anything but glad to help whenever I can only through Pivate Msg.

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