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I made my first ever money.

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I made my first ever money.

I know it's not much, but my whole experience in the website building, to SEO, to creating everything from scratch started one month ago.

Today I checked my affiliate account and I got in my balance "TOTAL EARNINGS *$0.66
" I know it's little money but it made me smile, even though I have already paid alot more than that to learn what I learned, but still my websites are young, no traffic coming in, around 10-20 visitors a day, and if I use stumbleupon to add my new posts I will get 50 visitors.

So guys who want to evaluate my work in 1 month, getting new site and 10-20 traffic, is that a normal numbers? or am I running on the slow end and need to pick it up?

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your doing good. actually making a sale is great. now all you have to do is keep scaling things up, adding fresh content, and continue building your traffic up.
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Your Focus Determines Your Reality
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Thia is quite encouraging for person like me. Yet to make money but am so going to make money. Keep it up!
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Congrats... you have STARTED- and that's what MATTERS....now go on making efforts, do not stop. 'Criticism never pulls me down, Applause never keeps me high...I know where I stand' - follow this theory, and you will never loose in life. And if at all you loose... your loosing will become, a steeping stone for you....
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Ashok Sinha
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Hi asbani,

Congratulations! You're doing it slowly but surely! You have that sale as proof that the system works and that you're doing it right. Continue building links to your site and driving traffic to it. More conversions to come! :)

All the best!
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Well done it,s a start and inspiring for all of us! well done!
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Hi asbani,

Congratulations for your first sale! No matter how small that could be, hey it's still a sale and yes you're doing pretty well, just keep up the good work and find other means to improve where you are now.

All the best!

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Hi Asbani,

You're doing better than 98% of people that try to get online. Most quit long before their first sale, however small that may be. Keep building, keep scaling, this is only the beginning for you!
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Just wondering?

What are you promoting that only paid $0.66 ?
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J.C. Dean

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