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I have my website. What's next?

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I have my website. What's next?


I created an Amazon affiliate site for the Handmade department about 8 months ago. It is my first site as I am completely new to affiliate marketing so gathering from research my website is "fake store" loaded with affiliate links to products on amazon.

My goal is to make generate at least $300 per month from this site. From a pro's perspective, what should be my next step for this site? I have a Facebook page for it where I post relevant affiliate links to Amazon. Will this site take time to make money as it gets recognized by search engines, or is there something specific I need to do? There isn't any content necessarily, just description of the products and mentions of Amazon for SEO.

I feel stuck and would appreciate immensely a pro's insight. Negative and positive comments are welcomed, just would appreciate them being constructive also. This is a huge goal of mine to monetize this site.



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Hi Taylor,

You need to add value to your website by adding content that will help promote your products on the site. Try to check out similar websites and see how they incorporate content with the products they are promoting.

With good content on the site, you can also easily incorporate SEO to your pages.

If you have not done yet, we do offer free lessons in affiliate marketing, whicch includes marketing and SEO. You may check it out here: https://www.affilorama.com/lessons
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Hi Taylor

You need to provide content for your audience.
If you interested in taking an affiliate bootcamp, this is really great.
You will never feel stuck again :)
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You have a new website. I hope you have selected your niche. Now write top quality content relevant to your niche. Do some keywords research before content writing.
Since you are a beginner you should select low competitive long tail keywords. It will be helpful to rank top on Google.
Use KWFinder, SEMRush and Keyword Planner for finding the most profitable content.
Join all the social networking sites and share your content daily. Do guest posting, comments on other blogs. Join relevant forums and take part in the discussion.
These ways you can run a successful website.
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Hi there, I would recommend you to find a good mentor who can keep track of your progress and give advice along your interesting monetization journey.
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