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I dont believe there is any point to being premium?????

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I dont believe there is any point to being premium?????


I dont know whether it is really right for me to write this on the forum but i would really like peoples opinions on the matter.

I have only been a member of affilorama for 2months now but i have noticed in this time that there isnt a great advantage in being premium and i will be canceling mine at the end of this term. There is a few tools that you can use, but i dont really think that they are worth $60 a month, and of course the eBooks that are released on the 28th each month.

My real point is at the fact that Mark seems to provide more value in promoting other programs out there for exampl NPC, he has shared Trafic Travis Pro, and with AC he has supplied $8000 worth of benefits if you sign up through his affiliate link.

I fully appreciate everyone here is out to make money and Mark does an excellent job in doing this, but i feel that rather then furthering his affilorama members he actually is more concentrated on making more money (understandable).

Yes this is going to down like a huge digg at Mark but i also want to express that i have learned so much from the $197 course and if it wasnt for that course i would still be browsing forums not know what i am looking for. I have managed to build my 2 sites that are still in development right now (no sales yet), and i would never have imagined that i could do what i am capable of now.

And the purpose of this post isnt aimed at the affilorama blueprint.....but specifically aimed at the premium membership, i feel that the extras that have been supplied as incentives for other courses should really be given to those who are directly paying mark for the service.

Thanks and any feedback is appreciated on your thoughts.

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I understand how you feel because I was a newbie too about a year ago. Right now you cannot appreciate the value of being Premium Member. I myself cancelled my membership but not for the reason that I don't feel any value in it over just being a regular Affilorama member. Just to share with you the reason I cancelled my Premium membership was because I do not have time to take advantage of all the tools that are available and I don not have the time to study and implement the techniques and strategies that are available on the monthly newsletter. That newsletter is similar to StomperNet's monthly newsletter that costs $47. You will not find a well researched up to date information all about internet marketing strategies for that price. And your membership comes with a lot of handy tools which for now I guess you cannot take advantage of.

In my honest opinion, if you feel that there is too much on your plate because there is so much to learn then it is ultimately your call if you want to stay as a Premium member. You can decide to rejoin later as I plan to do in the near future when I get more time.

It is the same case as with any other memberships you joined before (if any). There is no point in continuing your membership if you feel that you cannot take advantage of it or in your case if you feel there isn't a great advantage in being a Premium. And I believe this is because you cannot take advantage of everything the Premium Membership offers.

I am pretty sure that Mark don't want your money if you cannot take full advantage of the Premium Membership. He may even tell you that since you cannot take advantage of all the tools in the Premium membership, you can still learn a lot here being a regular member. But that's just my guess.

@Affilorama Moderators, need your opinion here!

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There is alot of good in the Premium membership its what you get out of it. I love the way Mark interviews and pick up on some really good tips and strategies each month. Its true you can learn so much just by being a regular member. Mark recommends alot of products and as an individual it depends on where you are. Some products go right over my head and others I'll buy I look at it like continuing education because the industry changes daily. Its not that he wants a commission I believe he mentioned somewhere that he puts the proceeds back into maintaining Affilorama. Im sure he has to pay the people some kinda way to interview them or maybe they have other arrangements but most places would charge us just to listen to them. Just my opinion Im sure Mark will chime in.
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I find, like conners88 I do not have the time to invest in the premium side of things there is just so much to learn and more things keep getting sent to me everyday! I just want my site to start making some money without spending more money
If you pay for AMA and Aweber then Premium whats that a month? about US $150.00 give or take
So if my site makes $50.00 per week on organic traffic (which is the original goal) around 2/3rds goes to those services
Im no mathamatision but that's a lot of monthly income out the door and doesn't leave much to re- invest into making another site...
So for me there must be value in premium but its a simple case of economics, and if I can make enough to pay for it sometime I will sign back up
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