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I call them my little Trojans...my outsource guys

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I call them my little Trojans...my outsource guys

I love my outsource guys whom I have never met that take my unique content and deliver to the social media blogs, forums, etc. It can make a big difference to your website along with giving you a whole new tool on where you are site traffic is going. It can remove sleepless nights and boring tasks of uploading content writing, and means more time with family. I hope you will try to outsource your little tasks paying very little. As you know outsource methods are nothing new, you simply need to find a few faithful Trojans to post your daily content to grow your internet business

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Hi Danielist18, Is there a service or company that you can recommend?
If so I would greatly appreciate it!
Finding quality help is also a bit of a challenge!
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Mark uses Craigslist: Manila.
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you can also try rentacoder and odesk
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