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I am confused about branding and creating a website

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I am confused about branding and creating a website

Hi Affiloramas,
I have some questions and i will be clear for the next steps for now, when these questions are answered...
1-Should i create only 1 website for 1 product? or should i try to promote multiple products in one niche website as a beginner?
2-Should we create a website with a brand which contains all our affiliate products if it's in the same niche? or should we find and create different brands for each product in the same niche or different? (same questions also for instagram page and facebook groups that we create for traffic)
So, i mean, will that brand (or brands?) be representing us in the future or not? (for instance, do we use one of these brand names when we have a chance for LLC?)

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It will really depend on your preference if you like to start with 1 niche website- 1 product. However, it is safe to say that you opt for more than one product when starting out, at least start with 10 products in the same niche. This way, you are giving more options for you readers. As long as these products fall under your niche, you'll be fine :)

I think you have misunderstood how affiliate website works. You do not need to brand your website. You may create a website name and domain name based on the niche you are promoting, place relevant and useful content, then add related affiliate products within your pages to start earning from these affiliates.

I hope that helps!

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For example, you can create a "review" site with ratings and reviews. For example online casinos reviews or trading platforms reviews. So create a site for a particular niche where you can place dozens of offers with your reviews, ratings, etc
This is a nice way to start I think
Good luck!
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